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These Are the Top 10 Twitch Casino Streamers (2022)

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Top 10 Twitch casino streamers of 2021

Online casino game streaming is growing at an incredibly fast rate.

Just a decade ago, your gambling friends might have looked at you funny if you told them you enjoyed watching other people play online casino games.

A few years later, those same people would’ve already seen a twitch casino live stream or two.

Fast forward to today and casino streaming has become so mainstream that most gamblers can name at least a few iGaming influencers.

Today, the biggest casino streamers are bona fide superstars. The most popular games are the ones that are popularized in Twitch streams, not the ones that get the biggest marketing push. And players invariably flock to gaming venues that their favorite streamers recommend. 

In this countdown, we will look at the biggest Twitch casino streamers in the world.

Let’s begin!

#10 VonDice (New Entrant)

VonDice Twitch statistics

Opening our list of the top casino Twitch streamers is the one and only Andrew VonDice.

VonDice is known for having a signature look — the unmistakable combination of a black baseball hat and sunglasses.

He advertises his channel as one offering “fun-filled sessions of slot spinning and bonus hunting.”

Born and raised in Sweden, VonDice made his fortune in cryptocurrencies and moved to Malta to enjoy life with his long-time friends.

Those friends were Roshtein and DeuceAce.

Having similar interests as them, Andrew started being a regular guest on their Twitch accounts. 

On January 19, 2021, Andrew finally made a slot stream channel of his own.

Being a good friend of a pair of Twitch slots legends, VonDice quickly became one of the biggest names in casino gaming and a staple of the slot streaming community.

 VonDice streams slots almost every day, only skipping a day or two every so often.

His biggest win to date was a €126,500 jackpot. He won it on the popular Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways (GameArt) slot.



#9 DeuceAce (New Entrant)

DeuceAce Twitch casino streaming stats

The second entry on our list of top Twitch casino slots streamers is also a friend of Roshtein.

Jay DeuceAce describes himself as a “methodical and smooth streamer” with a “background in finance” who has “been in a friendly rivalry” with Roshtein “since grade school”.

Jay was born in Poland but grew up in an average, middle-class family in Sweden.

During his school years, he became friends with many people who would end up becoming popular social media influencers, including both Roshtein and VonDice.

In fact, Andrew VonDice made some of his first casino streaming appearances on the DeuceAce channel. Long before establishing a channel of his own.

Who knows? Perhaps if it weren’t for DeuceAce’s success, VonDice wouldn’t have ever created a channel of his own.

The biggest win ever recorded during one of DeuceAce’s Twitch streams is a jackpot of a whopping €129,122. Jay won it on The Dog House (Pragmatic Play) slot machine.

#8 Bidule (Ranked #8 Last Year)

  • Twitch follower count: 147,000
  • YouTube subscriber count: 63,400
  • Avg. viewer count: 6,120
  • Biggest win: €313,900 in Mega Ball 
  • Active since: 2012 (YouTube), October 2018 (Twitch)
  • Country: France
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Official YouTube channel

Bidule casino streamer statistics

Parlez-vous français ?

If you do, then you no doubt know Bidule. The first entrant on our countdown not to be associated with Roshtein, Bidule is by far the biggest name in the French online casino Twitch scene.

Bidule’s real name is Adrien. He grew up in France, but had to move to Malta because of his home country’s stringent anti-gambling laws.

Unlike most Twitch casino streamers, he prefers live table games to slots.

Bidule doesn’t have any kind of streaming schedule but he usually starts his streams at around 4 PM GMT. 

Not having the benefit of being a friend of Roshtein, Bidule had to travel a much longer road to stardom than both DeuceAce and VanDice.

He started streaming slots, blackjack, and roulette via Twitch back in 2016.

It took him a whole two-and-a-half years to gain his first 10,000 followers. Once that was done, however, his channel blew up.

Bidule’s biggest win ever was an incredible €313,900, which he won in the popular Mega Ball (Evolution) live game show.

#7 CasinoDaddy (Ranked #3 Last Year)

  • Twitch follower count: 156,000
  • YouTube subscriber count: 72,600
  • Avg. viewer count: 1,572
  • Biggest win: €99,672 on Buffalo King MegaWays (Pragmatic Play)
  • Active since: 2016
  • Country: Sweden
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Official YouTube channel

CasinoDaddy Twitch slot streamer stats

If you don’t know the CasinoDaddy brothers, then you must have been living under a particularly large rock. The trio’s channel has been a staple of the Twitch casino section for many years now.

We have written a full CasinoDaddy bio article back in 2020. We ranked them third in our last year’s Top 9 Most Popular Twitch Casino Streamer list. And they represented Sweden at the Bob Casino Twitch Streamer World Cup.

Karl Anton (32), Erik (28), and Mathias Joelsson (34) live in Kristianstad, a small city of just 40,000 inhabitants in Skåne county, Sweden.

In addition to running CasinoDaddy, the trio also runs Joelsson Media Holding AB. The company owns the popular and websites.

The trio hit their peak in 2019-2020. Despite their increased streaming activity, their subscriber growth has been minimal so far in 2021.

The trio’s biggest win ever was a jackpot of €99,672. They won it on the popular Buffalo King MegaWays (Pragmatic Play) slot.

#6 ClassyBeef (Ranked #2 Last Year)

  • Twitch follower count: 161,000
  • YouTube subscriber count: 23,800
  • Avg. viewer count: 2,731
  • Biggest win: $528,800 on Land of Zenith (Push Gaming)
  • Active since: December 19, 2018
  • Country: Malta
  • Official Twitch channel 
  • Official YouTube channel

ClassyBeef slot streamer statistics

Another familiar face on our list is ClassyBeef. Last year, this online casino streamer group appeared at #5 in our list of the 7 Hottest Twitch Casino Channels and at #2 in our list of the Top 9 Most Popular Twitch Casino Streamers.

Much like CasinoDaddy, ClassyBeef had a lackluster 2021 so far with sluggish subscriber growth numbers.

On May 13, 2021, ClassyBeef won a life-changing $528,800 on the Land of Zenith (Push Gaming) slot machine.

#5 Teuf (New Entrant)

  • Twitch follower count: 213,000
  • YouTube subscriber count: 108,000
  • Avg. viewer count: 3,544
  • Biggest win: turned €6.000 into €1,057,830.97 in 2 weeks
  • Active since: 2016 or before
  • Country: France
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Official YouTube channel

Teuf casino live streamer stats of Twitch channel.

At #5 we have a new entrant. Teuf (aka Teufeurs or Teufteuf) is one of the most unique casino streamers out there.

Let’s face it. Most successful Twitch slot influencers are very similar to each other.

They’re slim. They run their streams in English (even if they aren’t from an English-speaking country). And they have become wealthy long before they started streaming.

Teufeurs is none of these things.

He’s large-bodied, French, and he was a truck driver for most of his working life. 

And his fortune? He won it at a casino.

French Twitch casino streamer Teuf's net worth.

Teuf’s winnings in an online casino that he showed during one of his streams.

The large-bodied Frenchman was a truck driver before suffering a road accident that made it impossible for him to work for half a year.

What’s even worse, during this time he also lost his truck driving license.

Not knowing of a better way to feed himself, he started streaming. And it turns out that his explosive character makes him perfect for Twitch.

But while playing games on Twitch could help him pay the bills, it could in no way fund the type of lavish lifestyle that Teuf shows off on his official Instagram page.

So where did his fortune come from?

Over a series of two weeks, Teufers went on an incredible win streak that saw his last €6,000 be turned into an incredible €1,057,830.97 ($1,289,141.58).

#4 Xposed (Ranked #5 Last Year)

Xposed casino streamer stats on

The first streamer to improve their rating from last year is Cody Burnett, better known as Xposed.

The first Canadian and Gen-Z representative on our list, Xposed is known for his openness, energy, and warm personality.

Xposed’s real name is Cody Burnett, and he isn’t hiding it. Unlike streamers like Roshtein and VonDice, he doesn’t hide behind hats or sunglasses. And he regularly shows his dog, girlfriend, and baby to the entire world. 

Perhaps it is due to his friendly personality that 2021 was very kind to Xposed. While many other representatives of the old guard lost their positions this year, Cody’s channel shows no signs of slowing down its rapid growth.

Xposed’s biggest win was an incredible $500,000, which he won on the Crazy Time (Evolution) live game show.

#3 Roshtein (Ranked #1 Last Year)

  • Twitch follower count: 580,000
  • YouTube subscriber count: 48,600
  • Avg. viewer count: 17,103
  • Biggest win: 1,000,000€ on Book of Shadow (Nolimit City)
  • Active since: February 2016 (account registered in October 2014)
  • Country: Sweden
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Official YouTube channel

Roshtein Twitch stats

Roshtein’s channel has seen tremendous growth in 2021. In our last year’s list, we mentioned that the streamer had 340,000 Twitch followers. Now he has almost double that — 581,000.

On top of that, this year Roshtein was successful in launching the casino streaming careers of several of his friends (DeuceAce and VonDice).

And it doesn’t stop there for Roshtein (actual name Ishmael Swartz).

In April of this year, Roshtein once won an incredible €1,000,000 jackpot on the Book of Shadows (Nolimit City) slot.

#2 M0e_tv (Ranked #7 Last Year)

  • Twitch follower count: 864,000
  • YouTube subscriber count: 577,000
  • Avg. viewer count: 1,420
  • Biggest win: $288,000 in CS:GO Betting
  • Active since: October 12, 2012
  • Country: United States of America
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Official YouTube channel

 M0e_tv Twitch channel stats

We are all human. We all make mistakes. One of the most controversial decisions made by the editorial staff at Bob Casino last year was disqualifying streamers who play both online casino games and traditional video games from the top positions on our last year’s list.

Had we not implemented that rule, M0E_TV would have easily taken the #1 spot last year.

Mohamad Assad, better known as M0E_TV, is a 34-year-old video game and casino streamer from New York, USA.

He started streaming back in 2012 on a platform called This makes Mohammad one of the pioneers of online streaming.

While his streams don’t get overly high viewership counts, his 864,000 subscribers are nothing to scoff at.

2021 has been an okay year for M0E_TV. He gained 60,000 new followers since last year’s list was made.

The biggest jackpot in M0e_tv channel history is a $288,000 win in CS:GO Betting.

Trainwreckstv (New Entrant)

  • Twitch follower count: 1,392,000 followers
  • YouTube subscriber count: 190,000 
  • Avg. viewer count: 27,513
  • Biggest win: $769,500.00 on Buffalo King (Pragmatic Play) 
  • Active since: 2018
  • Country: United States of America
  • Official Twitch channel
  • Official YouTube channel

Trainwreckstv stats showing that he is one of the most popular Twitch casino streamers.

Tyler aka Trainwreckstv is by far the most popular streamer of online casino on Twitch and YouTube.

While he is more well known for his Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Halo streams, gambling content composes a large percentage of his content.

So if you’re an avid fan of both video games and casino games, then subscribing to Trainwreckstv is an absolute must.

The biggest win ever recorded on a TrainwrecksTV stream was a whopping $769,500.00. The streamer won this sum in the free spins round of Buffalo King (Pragmatic Play).


  • Who is the most popular casino streamer on Twitch?

    As of June 2021, the most popular Twitch casino streamer is TrainwrecksTV.
  • Are you allowed to stream casino gaming on Twitch?

    Yes, you can stream online casino gaming on Twitch. As long as you follow the platform’s gambling guidelines, you should have no problems with streaming such content.
  • How do you make money when streaming online casino on Twitch?

    Casino twitch streamers make money in a wide range of ways, including gambling winnings, subscriptions, affiliate deals, casino bonus points, and merchandise sales.
  • Who is the richest casino slot streamer?

    Roshtein. Most casino streamers are independently wealthy, so it is impossible to ascertain their complete wealth profile. However, if we look at the earnings from Twitch alone, Roshtein becomes a clear favorite. This is because of his many successful affiliate deals.

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