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History of TrainwrecksTV: Net Worth, Gambling, Casino Streaming & Drama 

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History of TrainwrecksTV Twitch streamer.

TrainwrecksTV is a big-time Twitch live streamer. According to TwitchMetrics, is one of the most-watched Twitch channels in 2021. It is ranked 67th in average viewership over the last 15 streaming videos.

He has gained his popularity by streaming many popular games on Twitch including “Halo”, “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft”, as well as casino slots. He also has a list of featured games such as Among Us, Counter-Strike, GTA V and others. He is a co-host of Scuffed Podcast. He occasionally shoots outdoor IRL streams (in-real-life streams) named Just Chatting, where he just chit-chats to his audience, browses memes, videos, and interacts with his followers.

Recently, as online slots streams were added to the TrainwrecksTV Twitch channel, he suddenly entered our top 10 casino streamers of the summer list. He has left such titans of the casino streaming industry like LetsGiveItASpin, M0e_tv, Roshtein and ClassyBeef behind biting the dust.

He is also in the TOP 200 of the most popular streamers in the world according to Twitchtracker. He is currently ranked # 169 with 1.51 million followers.

TrainwrecksTV rank among other popular Twitch streamers.

TrainwrecksTV position among other streamers, according to Twitchmetrics.

Who Is Trainwreckstv and Where Did He Appear From?

TrainwrecksTV’s real name is Tyler Faraz Niknam. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas, US. On December 20, 2021, he will be 31 years old. He has Iranian roots and loves to call himself Persian.

In 2014, he graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Analytical Philosophy. Early in 2015, he decided to try his luck and began streaming on Twitch

In a couple of years, TrainwrecksTV has transformed his video game streaming hobby into a highly successful career. Currently, about 1.5 million of his devoted followers watch his daily streams and follow his other activities.

Many people are amazed by his massive success and keep on wondering: 

How Did He Manage to Achieve It?

At a very young age, Tyler’s parents discovered his great potential for soccer. He was obsessed with sports and was honing his skills more and more over the years. Of course, the boy’s talent, commitment and self-giving were immediately noticed by the coaches. He was taken to the high school soccer team and became one of the key players.

Even as a child, he realized that a lot can be achieved if he plunges headlong into what he loves and tempers his character with regular practice and discipline.

He was so dedicated and motivated that he was even included in the Arizona Olympic Development Program. The best athletes across the state compete to become prospective candidates for the US Olympic team. Even though he did not manage to achieve incredible heights in the direction of the sports, he gained invaluable experience and formed a success-oriented approach to any business.

All this shaped the character and life’s philosophy of a future Twitch star. But this was not a lightning-fast takeoff. His path is more like a long uphill climb.

How Gambling and Casinos Were Added to Trainwreckstv Streaming Content?

In 2019, Tyler decided to add slots streams to his main content. His gambling streams rapidly gained popularity due to his sense of humour and unique loudmouthed charm.

Calling himself “Ape” he actually is a whale among Slots Streamers. You can watch “Ape gang” trying to hit their best spin on TrainwrecksTV Twitch Channel. Niknam often invites other twitch streamers to join his high-rolling gambling sessions and play together. He loves to play big to delight his loyal audience and raise the degree of emotions.

To appreciate just how passionate he is about gambling and slots, you should know that Trainwreck moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2021. He just wished to focus on Twitch slots streams with fewer limitations and restrictions than in the US. According to Twitchtracker, slots attract the most viewers compared to other games. This is since he brought a new unusual approach to slots streaming with a unique sense of humour and hyper-emotional reactions in each stream.

Trainwreck’s Favourite Slot Games

While Train plays a wide variety of slots, some hold a special place on his list. Among them are such big and beloved names as:

There is a particular slot game that deserves a special mention as it has brought Tyler a whooping 720k prize and this is famed Buffalo King

Birth and Becoming of the Scuffed Podcast

On August 1, 2018, Trainwreck premiered his banging Scuffed Podcast and attracted a huge audience. This noisy roundtable brings together internet celebrities to emotionally discuss a wide range of topics. 

TrainwrecksTV podcast has seen some notable guests like XcQ, Nickmercs, Tfue, m0e_tv, Mia Malkova, Roshtein and much more. All of this has made this show one of the most-watched and well-known podcasts on the Twitch platform. Some people compare it to the Misfits Podcast, and even some platforms offer it as a great counterpart.

The Scuffed Podcast has 100k views on average per episode on YouTube only.

Most Popular TrainwrecksTV stuffed podcast guests

The most famous Stuffed Podcast guests include people like Mia Malkova, XcQ, M0e_tv

TrainwrecksTV Drama and Controversies

Loudmouthed contentious statements and harsh language are some of the ingredients for Trainwrecks Twitch career success. He does not let the stormy controversy around his name fade for a single second. His alleged misogyny became a frequent cause of conflict and condemnation. In fits of anger during the stream, very rude phrases and speeches have flown off his lips. With his actions and statements, he often causes negative reactions from streamers and bloggers.

TrainwreckTV Bans on Twitch

Niknam has had short-term bans on Twitch several times. 

  • In October 2018, Tyler was banned for making sexist remarks during an Overwatch game session.
  • In June 2019, he was banned for streaming an episode of MasterChef on his Twitch channel! He could have been successfully sued for breach of copyright, somehow he was lucky to avoid legal action.
  • Also in 2019, he was suspended on Reddit for numerous violations of internal rules and hate speech.
  • For inappropriate behavior and rudeness, he was banned indefinitely on the GTA RP server in the beginning of 2021.

TrainwrecksTV Biggest Scandal Ever

One of the most scandalous and discussed situations over Trainwreck is his loud rant about female streamers on Twitch, later on uploaded on YouTube on September 24, 2018. In his speech, he rebuked them for defiant clothes, inappropriate dances, pouring various liquids on their bodies to provoke viewers. 

The video went viral on Twitter and YouTube, and the anger of a huge number of people fell on his head immediately. For security reasons, Twitch temporarily suspended its channel for inciting hatred. 

All the times when various communities got TrainwrecksTV banned.

Later on, he issued an apology on his Twitter account. He also stated that he expected to be interpreted in a satirical manner and did not want to be offensive.

As you can see, this notorious streamer is well known for his controversial statements and bad temper. On the other hand, his sense of humor and ability to openly express his opinion brought him fame. Huge crowd of his dedicated followers are ready to cover his back from critics’ backlashes.

TrainwrecksTV and Ethan Klein Twitch Gambling Debate

Recently, Trainwrecks was pulled into the debate over gambling on Twitch. Ethan H3H3 Klein has claimed that Trainwreck is “ripping off kids” and “getting them addicted to one of the worst vices known to man”.

The Twitch Drama King attacked the gambling community because he knew it would certainly draw attention to his channel and increase viewership.TrainwrecksTV was just one of the targets for stirring up hype and scandal. Klein intentionally ignored affixed age restriction marks and warning labels on every gambling channel. He continued to spread groundless accusations and attack streamers.

H3H3 ignored the fact that Niknam constantly urges his viewers not to gamble and instead watch him do it. He also stated that Trainwreck’s move to Canada is intended to bypass US laws and continue to stream slot machines.

Trainwreck’s reaction was surprisingly calm. He called H3H3 a “know it all” who truly believes he’s “very smart.” He pointed out that Ethan is that type of expert who does not research anything at all. 

TrainwrecksTV Popular Memes

TrainwrecksTV community on Reddit and 4chan fans are constantly creating memes and emotes with Trainwreck. The close-up picture of Niknam’s face has officially become a universal  «double standards» emote and meme on Twitch. Sometimes «Ape Squad» creates memes with Tyler’s catchphrases like: «Juice me», «No shot» or «We are apes».

Tyler, as a former athlete, works out to stay fit. He enjoys training and showing off his legs. Fans often joke about it making his legs smaller in the photos. This created a new famous meme among Tyler’s fans called the NOLEGSDAY meme.

TrainwrecksTV memes: the double standards emote and NOLEGSDAY.

Most popular TrainwrecksTV memes: the double standards emote and NOLEGSDAY.

Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” Niknam’s Private Life

Like most famous Twitch streamers, Niknam prefers to leave his private life behind the camera and does not show all the cards. 

We already mentioned that he was born in Austin, Texas but raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was the only child in the family and received all the love. Once asked about his nationality, he replied that he is Persian. This makes us think that he has Iranian roots since Ancient Persia was located on the territory of present-day Iran.

In his youth, he played football and even reached noticeable heights, which also helped him strengthen his character. 

He is a well-educated man with a BA in analytic philosophy earned at Arizona State University and BS in biochemistry. 

TrainwrecksTV has an attractive girlfriend, Kayla. She also streams on Twitch and they get along surprisingly well. The couple shares photos together on social media. In June 2021, the couple moved to Vancouver, Canada and currently live there.

TrainwrecksTV's girlfriend Kayla

Tyler’s girlfriend Kayla.

TrainwrecksTV’s car is still unknown to his fans. However, in his posts, he showed his sympathy for BMW and Audi cars. Fans are sure that he drives the latest Audi A4 model. Although he once posted a tweet with a black Cadillac Escalade.

TrainwrecksTV is a renowned philanthropist. He has used his popular Scuffed Podcast as a fundraising platform for charity. In January 2020 he raised $41,109 for WWF Australia to support bushfire relief. At the beginning of summer 2020, Tyler had raised about $35,000 to support the Color of Change civil rights group.

TrainwrecksTV Net Worth

It’s always challenging to accurately calculate the net worth of popular streamers or casino YouTubers. It is because they do not seek to display all their sources of income. However, we can tally the approximate income using statistics and simple mathematical calculations.

How Much Money Does He Make From Twitch?

Trainwreck has over one and a half million subscribers. The average number of viewers per stream on his channel exceeds 30 thousand. But how much does he get from Twitch?


TrainwrecksTV is a top-rank Twitch Partner. Thanks to this, he receives $3.50 from each top-tier follower he gets. 


Train accepts both integrated Twitch donations and external donations via Streamlab. This makes up a fairly decent part of his income, considering that the maximum donation that he received was a whooping $77.3k.

TrainwrecksTV net worth from Twitch

Tyler’s estimated earnings from Twitch, according to IgFace.


Video ads are another decent piece of the pie. At the streamer’s discretion, ads can be shown at any time during the stream, usually before you join the stream.


In the description on Twitch, Train presents a promo code for a discount on G-FUEL, which is a beverage particularly popular among video game streamers. We believe he gets a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using his code.


Trainwreckstv owns a merch store at with different types of products for his dedicated fans.

How Much Money Does YouTube Bring?

Niknam maintains a YouTube channel with a compilation of highlights from his streams and episodes of the Scuffed Podcast. As of August 2021, he has 194 thousand subscribers and an average of 22k views per video.

YouTubers mainly make money from ads. The payout amount is calculated as a certain amount per 1000 views (CPM). Trainwreckstv’s estimated CPM ranges from $2 to $3. Thus, an average video with 22 thousand views brings in only 66 bucks. But if you multiply that by 20 videos per month, that’s a nice $1,320 bonus.

Trainwreckstv net worth from YouTube.

Trainwreckstv projected earnings from YouTube, according to SocialBlade.

How Rich Trainwreckstv Really Is?

It is safe to say that Tyler Niknam is a multi-millionaire with an approximate net worth of $3 million. He makes over $60k per month on Twitch and YouTube, excluding donations, affiliate deals, big winnings and merch sales.

TrainwrecksTV Biggest Casino Wins

On July 3, 2021, TrainwrecksTV received its biggest win ever of over $1 million on Extra Juicy slots. His previous biggest win was on April 15, 2021, and amounted to just over $400k.

Social Media 

Trainwreck is very active on social media and shares new posts regularly.

TrainwrecksTV Instagram

He has a verified profile on Instagram with more than 75k subscribers and 300+ posts.


TrainwrecksTV Twitter

Tyler owns a verified Twitter account with 368.1k followers.


Facebook Page

Trainwreck has a Scuffed Podcast Facebook page:

TrainwrecksTV Reddit

Trainwrecks has its Ape Gang of 25k apes and monkeys on Reddit, always ready to cover his back:

Discord Channel

TrainwrecksTV Discord channel ‘Ape Nation’ has over 45k active members:


  • How old is TrainwrecksTV?

    Tyler is currently 30 years old.
  • What is TrainwrecksTV’s real name?

    TrainwrecksTV’s name is Tyler Faraz Niknam.
  • When is TrainwrecksTV's birthday?

    Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” Niknam was born on December 20, 1990.
  • What is his nationality?

    TrainwrecksTV is American with Iranian roots.
  • Does he have a girlfriend?

    TrainwrecksTV is in a relationship with streamer Kayla aka Felissetv.
  • Why did TrainwrecksTV get popular?

    TrainwrecksTV has become popular due to his unique delivery of gameplay and hyper emotionality. He has varied content on his Twitch channel. It includes single and multiplayer games, online slots, podcasts, fan chats and IRL streams.
  • How many subscribers does TrainwrecksTV have?

    TrainwrecksTV has more than 1.51 million followers on Twitch and 194k subscribers on YouTube.
  • How often does he stream?

    TrainwrecksTV broadcasts almost every day and does not have a strict schedule.
  • What is his usual content when streaming on Twitch?

    TrainwrecksTV content includes IRL streams, video game streams, podcasts, and casino slots.
  • How much does TrainwrecksTV make?

    TrainwrecksTV earns approximately $60,000 per month and his estimated net worth is about $3,000,000.
  • What kind of car does TrainwrecksTV have?

    It is not yet known what car TrainwrecksTV drives. Fans believe he owns an Audi A4 and probably a Cadillac Escalade.
  • What happened between Mitch Jones and TrainwrecksTV?

    Mitch Jones and TrainwrecksTV were friends and shared a house in Austin. They had a series of serious conflicts which almost got physical. Now they hardly communicate.
  • What happened between TrainwrecksTV and Ethan Klein from H3?

    H3H3 attacked TrainwrecksTV and other Twitch streamers with unsubstantiated claims and insults. There was a verbal skirmish between them on social media, and it turned into a flaming podcast. There, xQc, Trainwrecks, Hasanabi and H3H3 debated and discussed slot gaming.

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