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ClassyBeef: A New Twitch Gambling Star Rises Over Malta

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ClassyBeef net worth and bio of the members

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It’s no surprise that Malta is home to hundreds of top online casino streamers. The land is famous for having a very progressive and liberal gambling legislation system, giving influencers the ability to showcase thousands of different games to their fans. And it doesn’t hurt that Malta is an amazingly beautiful place to spend time in. Among the most popular casino streamers residing in Malta we can mention the likes of Roshtein, Bidule, VonDice, DeuceAce, TeufeurS, and ClassyBeef.

Let’s take a closer look at the latter.

ClassyBeef is a gambling crew of seven online casino streamers: Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Georgi, Biggo and Lamar. Despite only starting their career in the casino streams scene only two years ago, ClassyBeef has already become one of the bigger slots gambling channels on both Twitch and YouTube.

Since 2019, ClassyBeef aired over 52,000 hours of slot streaming content. And their drive, motivation and effort paid off big time. Their content has amassed a total of six million views and their channel currently sits at 170,000 followers.

Read this article to find out who ClassyBeef are and what makes them tick.

Where ClassyBeef Came From and What Do They Do?

The ClassyBeef stream engine was built by two young men, Joe and Espen, who felt bored at work. In order to combat this boredom, they started the casino streaming group and hired others to join them.

Since then, the ClassyBeef roaster has changed several times. The earliest additions to the team, which only die-hard fans will remember now, included such streamers as Kevin and Marco. They also included Nando, who ended up becoming a core member of the team.

In October last year, shortly after Marco left and Kevin moved backstage, Jonte and Lamar filled the gap left by them.

And just a few months ago, two more streamers joined the Classy Beef team, namely Biggo and Georgi.


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Where Did the Name ClassyBeef Come From?

The story behind the ClassyBeef brand name is so banal that it is actually unique. When they were not hitting online slots, the group enjoyed tasting premium cuts of meat products. Their favorite, unsurprisingly, was high-quality beef steak, which the group referred to as classy beef.


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What Games Does ClassyBeef Play?

Classy Beef’s specialty are Twitch slots games, including such titles as Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, Mystery Museum, and Madame Destiny Megaways.


ClassyBeef Bet Size

One of the more unique aspects of ClassyBeef Twitch streams is the bet size. While most long-time gambling streamers will almost exclusively make max bets, ClassyBeef members routinely cap their bet size at about 10 EUR.

While this may seem like a drawback to their content (smaller bets equal smaller, less clickbaity wins), we’d argue that it’s actually one of ClassyBeef’s biggest strengths.

It is far easier for viewers to associate themselves with streamers who make reasonable bets, rather than betting over 100 USD per spin. 

That being said, ClassyBeef sometimes also act as high rollers to vary things up a bit.


ClassyBeef Biggest Win

On February 7, Espen and his childhood friend Rune broke the all-time world record on Fruit Party by winning a sensational 500,000 euro jackpot.

To this day, it remains their all-time biggest win. The world record itself, however, has been surpassed by Roshtein during one of his streams.


BeefBattles and Challenges

One of the most popular events organized by the CB team on Twitch are the so-called Beef Battles. 

This is when the guys try to surpass each other in their slot winnings. Competitions are held one-on-one and are judged by one of the other Classybeefers.

The guys usually choose games where free spins can be bought (aka bonus buy slots). The crew member that wins the most money from the free spins wins the Beef Battle.

Their more regular challenges can also include a race to get the biggest winnings during a certain time period or launching the bonus game first.


ClassyBeef Net Worth

As is the case with most casino streamers, such as NG Slot, the people who run ClassyBeef are multimillionaires. What’s more, they had already been exceedingly wealthy before they started streaming.

It can be somewhat tricky to estimate the net worth of twitch streamers as they usually don’t disclose it publicly, but an educated guess can be made.

Their main source of income is without a doubt their affiliate status at many online casinos. Go to a ClassyBeef stream and you’ll no doubt notice the wealth of affiliate links of all shapes and sizes. When one of their viewers follows the link and becomes a client, ClassyBeef receives casino commission payments. Considering the number of dedicated viewers and followers they have, ClassyBeef may very well be making six-figure profits per month on partnership deals alone.

ClassyBeef net worth and estimated earnings.

According to IgFace, ClassyBeef make about $67,623 per video.

Like most streamers, ClassyBeef make money from Twitch subscriptions and ads. The more views and interactions their streams get, the more income they can generate. With around 170,000 subscribers on Twitch alone, there is no doubt that they receive a sizable chunk of money directly from the platform. On top of this, Twitch also has a donation function, using which viewers can donate money during daily livestreams to support their favorite streamers.

The ClassyBeef YouTube channel offers the boys another stream of income. Having nearly 24k subscribers on their online gambling-related channel, they are able to supplement their main income stream with YouTube ad earnings. On this channel, the guys upload tons of content like compilations, highlights, tournaments and big wins. On top of their main channel, ClassyBeef also run another YouTube channel, Beefgang. The channel has 1,360 subscribers and focuses on vlog-style content.

Like many other streamers, ClassyBeef also run an official merch store that helps supplement their income.

ClassyBeef Twitch channel views, audience and statistics.

ClassyBeef Twitch channel views, audience and statistics. Source: TwitchTracker

Are Classybeef fake? Allegations, Lies, and Rumors

Based on our research, we can state with confidence that there is no factual reason to believe that Classybeef is not legit or is involved in any fraudulent or deceptive activity.

There is a plethora of concern people have about online casino and gambling streamers. And that’s understandable. After all, how can they spend tens of thousands of euro per stream and still turn a profit?

However, the vast majority of such concerns are completely baseless. Without getting into too much detail, it is close to impossible for streamers to play slots at licensed and regulated online casinos without spending any of their own money. Just check out our Roshtein fake money debunk.

A venue that would facilitate fake gambling and attempt to profit by deceiving the general public would lose its license in a heartbeat. As ClassyBeef stream from Malta, most of their online casino gaming activities are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

This is, in fact, the same government body that regulates Bob Casino. Based on the first-hand experience, we can tell you that MGA is a strict regulatory body that would not bat an eye before withdrawing the license of a casino that attempts to mislead potential users.

On top of that, even a single mention of the possible involvement of the casino in any fraudulent actions will cast a shadow on a reputation that took many years to establish. Simply put, creating fake money streams is not in the best interest of any legitimate online casino.

And it is also vital for the streamers themselves not to get involved or get featured in the press in connection with fake money gambling as a widely-publicized ClassyBeef fake money scandal would inevitably end their streaming career.

So it’s fair to say that they are as real and fair as other famous Twitch streamers. 

Why Do ClassyBeef Hit Jackpots So Often?

The main reason ClassyBeef get big wins almost every day is simple. It all boils down to math. They play slots non-stop from 10am until 2am (CEST). It means that they spend upwards of 16 hours spinning the reels at online casinos. This naturally increases their chances of hitting a jackpot comparing to a person who plays for twenty or thirty minutes every week or so.

ClassyBeef on Social Media

On top of YouTube and Twitch, ClassyBeef run a bona fide social network empire. Listed below are all the ClassyBeef social media profiles you need to know about.

ClassyBeef Official Instagram Page

The official ClassyBeef Instagram page is @classybeefofficial. It currently has over twenty thousand followers.

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A post shared by CLASSYBEEF (@classybeefofficial)

ClassyBeef Official Twitter Page

ClassyBeef’s official Twitter page is @ClassyBeef. The Twitter account has almost a thousand tweets and over two thousand readers. The account is managed mostly by Kevin, one of the first streamers on the Classy Beef team who has since moved backstage.

ClassyBeef Official YouTube Channels

ClassyBeef’s main YouTube channel is ClassyBeef. BeefGang is their secondary vlog channel.

ClassyBeef Official Website

ClassyBeef’s official website is Among other things, the site has a ClassyBeef casino forum and two separate stores. The first store is a merch shop where people can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies with ClassyBeef Logos. The second one is a point shop, in which Twitch subscribers can exchange their ClassyBeef points for wheels of fortune spins, cash rewards, or Apple gadgets (including AirPods, iPhones, and iPads). 

The most expensive prize is the VIP Meet & Greet Experience with the ClassyBeef gang, which contains:

  • Flight ticket to Malta.
  • 5 star hotel accommodation.
  • €5,000 in cash.
  • A night at the casino with a €1,000 risk-free roulette spin.
  • A full steakhouse dinner with the ClassyBeef team, featuring the classiest beef steak in Malta.
ClassyBeef Official Website

ClassyBeef official website home page.

ClassyBeef TL;DR Overview

To sum up, ClassyBeef is a fun and interesting Twitch casino channel to watch. Their cheerful attitude, real emotions, and crazy reactions leave our editorial staff with the feeling that their number of viewers will skyrocket in the next couple of years.


  • Who is ClassyBeef?

    ClassyBeef is a Maltese Twitch casino streaming team consisting of 7 separate streamers: Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Georgi, Biggo, and Lamar.
  • What country are ClassyBeef from?

    ClassyBeef is based in Malta.
  • Who are the members of ClassyBeef?

    The ClassyBeef team consists of seven online casino streamers: Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Georgi, Biggo, and Lamar. 
  • Why is the ClassyBeef Twitch slots channel popular?

    ClassyBeef offer a fresh and immersive take to online gambling spiced up with humor, real emotions, and a truly unique vibe. Being a large team also helps. Even if you don’t like one of the streamers, chances are you’ll like another one.
  • Are ClassyBeef legit or do they use fake money?

    According to our in-depth analysis, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the ClassyBeef team is dishonest, fake, or not legit in any way.
  • What is the ClassyBeef casino forum?

    The ClassyBeef forum is the prime spot of communication between the members of the ClassyBeef community. Fans of the team can connect with the streamers and each other to hold discussions on topics of interest.
  • What do they sell in the ClassyBeef store?

    The ClassyBeef store sells a wide variety of merchandise and also gives subscribers the opportunity to exchange their ClassyBeef points for prizes.

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