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Casino Streamer World Cup: Which Nation Has the Best Slot Twitch and YouTube Channels? (Updated Jan 2021)

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Most Popular Casino Slot Youtubers and Twitch Streamers from Different Countries

We live in a golden age of online gambling content. The most popular Twitch casino streamers have fan bases measuring in the hundreds of thousands. And YouTube casino slot videos regularly get millions of views. But where are all of these gambling superstars from? And which nation leads the world when it comes to online gambling content? In this article, Bob will unveil his top five casino live stream nations. Let’s dig in!

#5 United Kingdom 

The UK has produced some of the biggest web personalities in the world. The list includes such superstars as KSI, Harry Lewis, and Tom Cassell. 

When it comes to Twitch casino streamers, Bob’s favorite Brit is Nick Preston, better known online as NickSlots. As of today, Nick has 39,500 YouTube subscribers and 29,500 Twitch followers. He is the proud owner of the popular CasinoGrounds streaming platform and donates all of the money he receives from his viewers to charity.

UK Twitch streamer Nickslots big win in Megaways slot

We covered Nick’s career in an article a few months ago. If you’d like to learn more about this British gambling rockstar, we highly recommend you read it.

#4 Finland

Having a population of only 5,500,000 people, Finland has produced a disproportionate amount of world-famous people throughout its history. Fans of motor racing are no doubt familiar with Formula 1 world champions Mika Häkkinen and Kimi Räikkönen. You don’t need to be a fan of trance music to have heard of Darude. And those with a taste for literature are undoubtedly familiar with Nobel Prize winner Frans Eemil Sillanpää. 

There are two Finnish casino live stream personalities we’d like to mention as part of this list, JugiPelaa and Jarttu84. 

Describing himself as the Finnish PashaBiceps, JugiPelaa is an energetic streamer who amassed a legion of 66,500 followers. His streams regularly attract thousands of viewers. JugiPelaa was recently featured in our article on the Top 9 Most Popular Twitch Casino Streamers.

Finnish casino streamer JugiPelaa's big win reaction.

Jarttu84 has a slightly smaller fanbase than his muscular compatriot, but his subscribers are equally as loyal. The most popular of his youtube casino slot videos has close to a million views.

#3 Sweden

Taking bronze in our list of countries producing the best Twitch and YouTube slots personalities is Finland’s neighbor Sweden. This Nordic country has produced some of the world’s most famous web stars, including internet legend PewDiePie and famous guitarist Ola Englund.

When it comes to creators of web gambling content, Sweden’s two brightest stars are Roshtein and CasinoDaddy.

Roshtein needs absolutely no introduction. The man is a bonafide casino live stream legend with over 465,000 Twitch followers. Roshtein regularly appears in our rundowns of the biggest gambling streamers. To find everything you need to know about this Swede, check out our in-depth article on his career.

Roshtein's big win in the Money Train slot

CasinoDaddy is a channel run by three brothers, Erik, Karl Anton, and Mathias Joelsson. They have over 164,000 subscribers and also run the popular and websites. You can find out more about the brothers by reading our in-depth profile of them.

#2 United States

The land of the free and the proud has made two important contributions to the world of online gambling content, M0E_TV and NG Slot.

Clocking in at a whopping 852,000 subscribers, M0E_TV is by far one of the largest twitch casino streamers out there. He has a loyal fanbase and is a blast to watch. The only reason he does not appear on any of our lists of top streamers is because M0E_TV is not a pure gambling channel.

M0E_TV streaming his slot playing session.

We’ve profiled NG Slot in an article a little while ago. This positive and energetic YouTube slots personality has over 196,000 subscribers. NG Slot’s most popular videos hover around a million views. We highly recommend you check him out.

#1 Canada

O Canada, our home of the best Twitch and YouTube slots personalities. We could probably write an entire article on Twitch casino streamers from the Great White North, but today we will mention three of Bob’s favorites: XPosed, SlotLady, and BCSlots.

XPosed is a highly energetic, fun to watch web personality. He has an impressive fanbase of 349,000 followers and his streams are regularly watched by thousands of viewers. Bob recommends you check his streams out when you have the chance.

Xposed's Mega win in Online Slot

Apart from being the most energetic, he is also one of the most… «reactive» out of the bunch. Just check out how upset he was after losing on a slot machine:

Slotlady is a popular YouTube slots and table game channel clocking in at 171,000 subscribers. Unlike most entrants on our list, she is a purely land-based casino streamer. On her channel, Slotlady plays blackjack, Texas hold’em poker, and various video slot machines.

The final entry on our list is the legend himself, Brian Christopher. He’s a positive and charming individual whose energy is infectious. His channel has 324,000 followers. Regular readers of our blog are undoubtedly familiar with BCSlots as we regularly write about him on our website.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss a country you believe should have been mentioned? Tweet at us @BobCasinoNews1 to share your opinions!

Article updated on 27/01/2021.

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