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CasinoDaddy: How Three Swedish Brothers Changed the Casino Streaming Game (Updated Jan 2021)

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Three CasinoDaddy Brothers are popular twitch streamers

These days, it seems downright impossible to open up the slots section of Twitch without seeing CasinoDaddy at the top of the page. 

Since 2016, the blond-haired trio has amassed over 164,000 Twitch followers.

They’re also an important part of the YouTube gambling scene with over 68,100 YouTube subscribers. Their streams are watched by thousands of live viewers. Their most popular YouTube video has over 2,000,000 views. Last year, the trio earned a deserved spot in our roundup of the most popular Twitch casino streamers in the world. 

So who are the members of CasinoDaddy? What is the secret of their success? Are the rumors of their winnings being faked substantiated by anything? And, of course, how much do these streamers make?

Read this in-depth article to find out all of this and much, much more!

Who’s Your CasinoDaddy?

The popular slot channel is run by three brothers, Erik, Karl Anton, and Mathias Joelsson. The trio lives in Kristianstad, a small city of just 40,000 inhabitants located in Sweden’s southernmost county of Skåne. The youngest of the three brothers, Erik, is 27 years old. Karl Anton is 31 years old. And their elder brother, Mathias, is 33 years old. The trio monetizes their streams via their two casino affiliate websites: and Both of these websites are run by the brothers’ media company, Joelsson Media Holding AB, of which Mathias is the CEO.

Three CasinoDaddy brothers, Karl Anton, Erik, and Mathias Joelsson

Left to right: Erik, Mathias and Karl Anton from CasinoDaddy.

Speaking of Mathias, the oldest brother appears to be the leader of the group. A service and hotel management specialist by education, he is fluent in five languages: Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch. Before becoming a full-time streamer and affiliate, Mathias worked as a key account manager at Speedcom Sverige, an internet provider based in Borås. In addition to his work with CasinoDaddy and its two affiliate websites, Mathias Joelsson is also the CEO of Webbjätten AB, an IT company that helps Swedish companies create and manage websites.

The Start of an Era (2016)

Mathias started working as an affiliate of various poker brands back in 2007, right after reaching legal playing age. The brothers started watching casino streams in 2011 and fell in love with the concept immediately. Having been a casino affiliate for several years at that point, Mathias no doubt saw potential in the idea of starting his own Twitch channel. In 2016, the three decided to take a gamble on becoming professional streamers. The CasinoDaddy Twitch and YouTube accounts were both registered in the spring of that year. 

Like most successful streamers, they were not perfect from the start. In fact, a lot of the early CasinoDaddy content leaves a lot to be desired. Take a look for yourself:

When seeing these early attempts, it’s hard not to appreciate the amount of thought and deliberate effort the brothers have invested in making their streams the premium product they are today.

Now let’s take a detailed look at what exactly it is that made CasinoDaddy so successful.

Top 4 CasinoDaddy Success Secrets

The success of the Joelsson brothers can be attributed to four key factors: hard work, professionalism, production quality, and game variety.

  • Hard Work. No one can accuse members of CasinoDaddy of not working hard. The Twitch gambling channel broadcasts slot machine gameplay live 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever you open up Twitch, chances are you’ll find CasinoDaddy’s stream at the top of the slots section.
  • Professionalism & Consistency. No matter how much you love slots, you would probably lose your enthusiasm after playing them 8 hours a day for several years. But if you let your tiredness show, the viewers are likely to go to another, more energetic stream. That’s where your professionalism needs to kick in. The trio does everything it can to keep things fresh and interesting for their viewers day after day, month after month, and year after year.

  • Production Quality. Over the last four years, CasinoDaddy has invested a lot of time and resources into perfecting their live streaming setup. And that definitely shows. Their video feed is crystal clear. Their audio is crisp. The stream’s video layout has been designed with care and attention to detail. All of this adds up to create a premium viewing experience.
  • Innovation and game variety. Having watched Twitch casino streamers for almost 10 years now, the brothers obviously know that it’s very easy for a viewer to get bored. Which is why they do their best to innovate and keep things fresh. They constantly switch out the casino games they play and oftentimes launch several slot machines on auto-spin at the same time to make sure something interesting always happens on the screen.

Top 5 Biggest Wins by CasinoDaddy 

Over the years, the viewers of the CasinoDaddy Twitch stream have witnessed some extraordinarily big wins. Listed below are CasinoDaddy’s top 5 biggest wins.

#5 € 17,280.00 on Heroes Hunt (April 10, 2020)

Heroes Hunt is a high variance Megaways slot from Relax Gaming. The machine has an RTP of 96.53%. It awarded CasinoDaddy a payoff of over 17 thousand euro in April of this year.

Big Win on Heroes Hunt — CasinoDaddy on Twitch

CasinoDaddy went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Slots VOD now.

#4 € 23,097.60 on Jammin Jars (July 7, 2020)

Push Gaming’s Jammin Jars is a high volatility slot with an RTP of 96.83% and a 20,000x max win. The game is responsible for the largest wins we’ve seen on many popular slot streaming channels, including this incredible 23,000+ EUR win on CasinoDaddy.

#3 € 31,592.25 on Star Clusters (June 18, 2020)

Big Time Gaming’s Star Clusters is yet another slot that frequently appears in roundups of the biggest wins of Twitch casino streaming channels. Star Clusters is a medium-high variance slot with an RTP of 96.54% and a max payout of 23,000x.

#2 € 40,354.50 on Cubes (March 23, 2020)

Relax Gaming’s Cubes is a medium-high volatility slot with an RTP of 96.35%. This unique slot rewarded the gang with a win of over 40,000.00 EUR:

#1 € 98,139.00 on Jammin Jars (May 23, 2020)

The biggest win on the CasinoDaddy channel was recorded on the Jammin Jars machine in late May of this year. The brothers claim that the win is a world record.

Are CasinoDaddy Winnings Fake or Real?

All of these huge, frequent wins have been a double-edged sword for the slot streamers, however. Alongside other popular streamers, like Roshtein, the members of CasinoDaddy have been accused of faking their wins in order to attract viewers. Is there any truth to these claims? Let’s investigate!

There are two main pieces of information conspiracy theorists point to in order to substantiate their claims. 

First of all, CasinoDaddy members win huge amounts of money on their streams and do so very frequently. If you have spent any length of time playing slots, you know that the really big wins are very rare. Yet the trio seems to trigger them every day. 

Secondly, as some people on online forums point out, CasinoDaddy often streams games from casinos without a Swedish license. The accusers say that this would mean that, since these casinos operate outside of Sweden, CasinoDaddy would have no ability to make a real deposit on them. So the very fact that they are playing on those venues means that they are using fake money given to them by the casino.

The members of CasinoDaddy strongly refute these claims. And our gambling experts agree with that. 

The reason the brothers win a lot is simply because they play a lot. As we said earlier, they play every day, seven hours a day. That adds up to about 98 hours per week, 420 hours a month, and 5,110 hours a year of non-stop slot spinning. With unlimited bankrolls and thousands of hours of gameplay every year, it would be strange if they didn’t win often.

When it comes to the second argument, the claims are equally as unsubstantiated. While it is true that casinos need a Swedish gambling license to operate in Sweden, market to Swedish players, and accept payments in SEK, there is no piece of legislation that would make it in any way illegal for a person from Sweden to play and make deposits at any EU-regulated online casino they find on the internet.

CasinoDaddy Net Worth & Earnings

Calculating the income and net worth of the members of CasinoDaddy is rather simple. This is due to the fact a most of their profit is channeled through Joelsson Media Holding AB and Webbjätten AB. Based on publicly available information, in 2019, the two companies operated by CasinoDaddy members had a combined yearly revenue of $ 4,416,793 USD (40,637,000 SEK). The brothers’ real income and net worth figures are probably much higher, however, since this data does not take into account Twitch/YouTube donations, personal assets (e.g. houses, stocks), and other revenue sources that would not appear in public records.

Joelsson Media Holding AB 

  • Revenue (2019): $ 4,367,212.62 USD (40,181,000 SEK)
  • Profit After Net Financial Items (2019): $ 2,698,828.00 USD (24,831,000 SEK)
  • Assets (2019): $ 3,453,449.33 USD (31,774,000 SEK) 

According to its financial report, last year, Joelsson Media Holding AB, the company running and, generated a revenue of 4.3 million USD and 2.6 million USD worth of profit. The company also declared having about 3.5 million USD in assets. 

Joelsson Media AB and CasinoDaddy revenue stats that contributes to net worth

The year before, the company posted even higher figures. Their declared revenue was $ 5,548,868.91 USD. And about $ 5,000,000 USD of that was pure profit.

Webbjätten AB

  • Revenue (2019): $ 49,580.84 USD (456,000 SEK)
  • Profit After Net Financial Items (2019): $ -27,073.75 USD (-249,000 SEK)
  • Assets (2019): $ 526,470.18 USD (4,842,000 SEK) 

The CasinoDaddy brothers’ non-streaming venture, Webbjätten, had a very strong year in 2017, when it reported $ 658,423.96 USD of revenue and $ 569,024.47 of profit. In the last two years, however, the web development and management business makes only a fraction of the revenue and reports five-figure losses every year.

Frequently Asked Questions About CasinoDaddy

Article updated on 27/01/2021.

  • Who Owns CasinoDaddy?

    The channel is run by three brothers, Karl Anton, Erik, and Mathias Joelsson, who live in Kristianstad, Sweden. The channel’s two sister projects, and, are run by the brothers’ media company, Joelsson Media Holding AB. In addition to these ventures, the brothers also own Webbjätten AB, a Swedish IT company that helps local companies create and manage websites.
  • Where is CasinoDaddy from?

    The trio lives in the small city of Kristianstad in Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost county. The city has a total of 40,000 inhabitants. It is the seat of the Kristianstad Municipality, which is the largest municipality in Skåne County by area. Among other commercial activities, the municipality is famous for producing Absolut Vodka. 
  • Is CasinoDaddy legit?

    Yes, despite what some people might tell you online, CasinoDaddy are legit streamers and their winnings aren’t fake. The reason they win large sums of money so often is that they spin reels for 14 hours a day.
  • How much do the guys from CasinoDaddy make?

    Based on publicly available information, in 2019, CasinoDaddy had an income of at least $ 4,400,000 USD (40,637,000 SEK). The year before, they reported even better numbers, generating 5,550,000 USD worth of revenue and over 5 million USD of profit.
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