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These Are the Top 9 Most Popular Twitch Casino Streamers of June 2020

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9 fastest-growing Twitch casino streamers of June 2020.

Imagine making a living sitting in front of a webcam and playing your favorite slots all day. If you’re like most gambling enthusiasts, that probably seems like a dream job for you. But running a successful casino streaming channel is no easy task. It requires immense dedication, hours of hard work, and a magnetic personality. The people who find themselves at the top of the viewership ranks of the casino section of Twitch didn’t get there by luck. Their success is, instead, a result of deliberate effort. 

In this article, we will celebrate some of the largest names in the gambling community by taking a look at the top nine online casino streamers on Twitch. The channels are arranged based on viewer activity in May and June 2020. Let’s dig in!

9. JugiPelaa

Our top nine opens with Finland’s top casino streamer: JugiPelaa. This online personality describes himself as the Finnish PashaBiceps, and the comparison is certainly apt. When you picture the typical member of the Twitch casino streaming community, you probably don’t think of a muscular, constantly-vaping bodybuilder. So, if nothing else, JugiPelaa definitely stands out from the pack. 

And that translates to success. As of today, the slot streamer has amassed a legion of 58,000 followers, and his streams can reach upwards of 2,000-3,000 concurrent viewers. JugiPelaa also runs a successful YouTube highlight channel with over 26,000 subscribers. If you understand Finnish, we highly recommend watching one of his casino game streams. If you don’t, head on to the highlight channel on YouTube. You don’t need to know Finnish to be entertained by the antics of this successful streamer.

8. Bidule

Next on our list is one of the top names in the French casino streaming community. While many streaming channels focus solely on slots, Bidule is the full gambling package. He regularly plays table games and live dealer games on his channel. You never know what you’re going to get with Bidule. Which is certainly part of the appeal. 

While Bidule only has about 10,000 more subscribers than JugiPelaa, his community is much more active and loyal. His streams regularly get over 5,000 viewers, which is certainly not bad for a channel with only 69,000 followers. Bidule also runs a highlight channel on YouTube, which has 17.5k subscribers.

7. m0E_tv

If we were to judge this list by subscribers alone, m0E_tv would rank as the most popular Twitch casino streamer in the world. With a staggering 805,000 followers, m0E_tv is almost three times as popular as gambling legend ROSHTEIN. He is also very popular in the YouTube gambling community, his channel having amassed a staggering 580,000 subscribers.

The reason we can’t put m0E_tv in the first place is because it isn’t a pure casino streaming channel. Although you can regularly see casino games being played there, m0E_tv is primarily a video game channel. Which isn’t to say that you should discount him outright. When casino streaming does appear on his channel, m0E_tv is a true joy to watch. 

6. SlotRoom247

Coming up at #6 is German channel SlotRoom247. This casino game channel is run by a rotation of several personalities, which allows them to stream for many hours every single day. And this formula is exactly what led them to success. Despite the fact that they only started streaming last year, SlotRoom247 has already amassed a cool 62,800+ subscribers and gained a permanent spot amongst the casino streaming elite. If you speak German, we highly recommend you check SlotRoom247 out.

Two weeks ago, SlotRoom247 also launched a YouTube highlight channel. It currently has 100 subscribers and features 19 videos.

5. Xposed

Much like m0E_tv, Xposed mixes casino streaming with playing video games. The channel was created in 2015 and managed to amass a solid 178,000+ followers to date. Xposed’s broadcasts regularly get around 3,000-5,000 concurrent viewers, which is also impressive. 

If you’re primarily interested in casino game streaming and don’t like video games, then you’ll be better off visiting Xposed’s YouTube channel, which has over 21,500 subscribers and is composed almost entirely of casino streaming highlights.

4. JackpotRabbit

The next entry on our list is JackpotRabbit, an anglophone gambling channel run by Ant and Diane. Despite the fact that they only started streaming in March of this year, JackpotRabbit already has over 12,000 subscribers. 

The secret to Ant and Diane’s success is relatively simple: they’re extremely hard working and professional. Although they are relative newcomers to the scene, JackpotRabbit’s streams already rival in quality much more popular channels. They also make it a point to stream for 6 to 12 hours a day every single day. If you want to become a successful streamer, we highly recommend checking out JackpotRabbit for inspiration.

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3. CasinoDaddy

Taking bronze in our top 9 is CasinoDaddy, a casino streaming community juggernaut with over 145,000 Twitch followers. The channel is run by a boyband of all-blond, high-energy casino Twitch streamers. Their personalities are varied, so you’ll undoubtedly find a streamer you’ll like here. Which is certainly one of the reasons why this channel is so popular. Another reason for their success is that, being a multi-person team, they can stream for many hours every single day. 

On the off-chance you haven’t heard of CasinoDaddy before, we highly recommend you check out their Twitch stream or their 62,000 subscriber YouTube channel with stream highlights.

2. ClassyBeef 

Coming in at #2 in our top 9 is Malta-based casino streaming channel ClassyBeef. Although this live streaming channel is much newer than CasinoDaddy and only has 85,000 followers, it easily managed to outperform it in terms of viewer hours. The main ingredient to ClassyBeef’s success is the energy that radiates from the energetic hosts. A typical ClassyBeef stream can regularly captivate about 5,000-7,000 viewers, which is no mean feat. 

This group of online casino streamers also has a YouTube channel, ClassyBeef Twitch Highlights, where they post their biggest wins and most entertaining reactions. As of June 8, 2020, this YouTube channel has 4.8k subscribers.


If you’ve been a part of the casino streaming community for any length of time, you probably knew who would be the number one streamer on this list as soon as you read the title. Put simply, Roshtein is a bona fide slot streaming legend.

Despite the fact that he started streaming way back in 2014, Roshtein has not lost his love and enthusiasm for playing slots. And his magnetic personality makes this enthusiasm outright contagious. Which is why Roshtein streams are always a blast to watch. Thanks to his personality and hardworking attitude, Roshtein has amassed a staggering 340,000 followers and his live viewership numbers peak at around 30,000 — 40,000. 

Put simply, no one even comes close to Roshtein. And we’re not sure anyone will pose even a remote threat to his throne anytime soon.

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