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Is Roshtein Fake? Debunking Myths About the Most Popular Casino Streamer of 2021

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Is Roshtein Fake?

Popularity is a double-edged sword. Roshtein is, without a doubt, the biggest name in Twitch casino streaming. He has an army of an astonishing 475,000 followers on Twitch and his live streams regularly attract up to 20,000-30,000 concurrent viewers.

But not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the world of this Swedish streamer.

Ever since he gained mainstream popularity, the streamer has been accused of playing for fake money, having his win percentages artificially inflated, or even using mockup versions of slot software. 

For many people in the gambling community, the Swede’s story simply doesn’t add up. 

After all, how can anyone afford to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every couple of months and still boast about a luxury lifestyle on Instagram?

As time goes on and he becomes more and more popular, more and more people allege that Roshtein is a fake streamer. 

So, is there any truth to these claims? Is Roshtein fake? Or are people simply jealous of his unprecedented success? 

We tasked our top slot experts with the task of investigating the matter.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the conspiracy theories surrounding the world’s biggest casino streamer!

Myth #1: Roshtein plays with fake money

All discussions of Roshtein’s alleged fake money playing start with the Practice mode video. 

In 2019, during a regular stream, a Twitch viewer asked Roshtein if he was playing for real cash or in the slot’s free demo mode using fake money. 

In reply, Roshtein said he was playing for real money. In order to prove this, he decided to open one of the casino slots in demo mode. 

Then the unexpected happened. 

His balance in the demo mode was equal to 22k euros, the same as when he played for real cash. You can see this for yourself in a highlight from the Twitch VOD:

Unsurprisingly, shortly after, many new threads appeared on betting forums with titles like Roshtein fake money proof’ and ‘Does Roshtein use fake money’.

The short video clip above is the main piece of evidence put forth by forum users. 

Since being uploaded, the clip was viewed over 50,000 times and people in the comments seem to agree that it is one of the most convincing pieces of evidence against Roshtein.

According to them, if he were to play for real cash, his Practice mode bankroll would never be equal to his actual bankroll.

Is the Practice mode video proof of Roshtein being fake?

Let’s think critically for a second. If Roshtein was a fake blogger, would he risk losing his entire audience in a few seconds?

After all, no one forced him to open the free demo mode. He simply decided to show one of the viewers what it looks like.

What did Roshtein say about the Practice mode video?

Roshtein commented on the Practice mode situation in the same VOD. He said he did not understand what happened and that it was some kind of an error.

Arguement Against: Million Euro Jackpots in 2021

One important argument against the idea that Roshtein plays with fake money is that he regularly wins prizes that are not available in demo mode.

In 2021, Roshtein made iGaming history by winning the Book of Shadows (Nolimit City) million dollar jackpot twice in the span of a couple of months. As most of you know, jackpot functionality is not available in game demo modes, so he couldn’t have won the prize if he hadn’t been playing with real money.

The first win occurred in April. It was the biggest jackpot not only on the Roshtein channel but in  Twitch casino streaming history.

And if that wasn’t enough, Roshtein won a second million dollar jackpot in June of the same year.

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What do slot experts think about Roshtein’s Practice Mode video?

According to our slot experts, if the video clip hasn’t been messed with, it is most likely that the casino site simply bugged out and an error occurred. 

If you’ve been playing online slots for a long time, chances are that a similar error has occurred to you at least a couple of times. 

It could be that Roshtein was taken to the game’s real money mode instead of the Practice mode as a result of poor website scaling, incorrectly drawn click boxes, or a hyperlink problem.

Thanks to our innovative software platform, such errors are extremely rare on Bob Casino, but they are much more widespread on other gambling venues. 

If this ever happens to you, simply go back to the casino’s main page and try launching the free demo mode again. 

If you still can’t do it, contact the venue’s customer support

In some cases, you may even receive some free spins and bonus money for reporting the bug.

Myth #2: Roshtein uses viewbots to appear popular

Another popular theory is that Roshteins uses bots to inflate his view counts.

People online use this to explain how he was able to hold the title of the most viewed casino streamer in the world for so many years. 

However, no one has provided clear evidence of this yet. There is only gossip and assumptions. What do our experts say?

Proof Roshtein does not use viewbots

Roshtein’s streams regularly attract tens of thousands of viewers. Viewbotting on such a scale would be incredibly easy to spot.

First of all, the activity of Roshtein’s chat corresponds exactly with what you would expect from a channel of this size. 

Of course, bots can also write fake comments, but if you were to check the profiles of the people in Roshtein’s chat, you would see that his viewers have long-standing accounts with subscriptions to many streamers and are very active outside of Roshtein’s streams.

Roshtein Twitch chat on stream

Example of live chat in one of Roshtein’s streams, where viewers react to the gameplay. Source: Roshtein’s Twitch.

Faking activity on one, five, or even twenty accounts to this degree is, indeed, possible. 

Faking it on hundreds of thousands of accounts can only be done in science fiction books.

How Twitch prevents viewbotting

Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy on view cheating systems. If the viewbotting is obvious and is the fault of the streamer (rather than a competitor trying to get them in trouble), then the channel will not live long on Twitch.

While less popular channels can fly under the radar of Twitch moderation when viewbotting, popular streamers like Roshtein get increased attention from the administration of Twitch. 

So if Roshtein really was viewbotting, he would have been banned a long time ago.

Myth #3: He doesn’t talk about his day job, so he’s fake

The next most popular theory is that Rostein doesn’t talk much about his business and the way he makes money outside of Twitch.

After all, his standard bets are 50 euro per spin, which means that he can bet hundreds of thousands of euro per stream. 

So where did he make so much money to be able to afford this?

Why don’t gambling streamers disclose their income?

A good deal of casino YouTubers and Twitch streamers don’t share information about their main sources of income because there is simply no upside to doing so.

It’s standard practice, really. 

And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Let’s imagine that you are a rich casino streamer. Being honest and saying you make more than $250,000 USD a month at your day job can actually have a tremendous negative impact on your streaming career. 

Your audience won’t be able to empathize with you to the same degree and you losing 50 euro bet after 50 euro bet won’t seem all that exciting when your audience knows you can afford it. 

Some may even call you a braggart.

On the other hand, if you lie and say that you get less, there is always a chance someone finds out that you lied. As a result of this, you will quickly lose the trust of your audience. Which will label you as a liar for years to come.

In addition to the above, there are a few more disadvantages. 

For example, you may attract the attention of burglars, thieves, yes men, and gold diggers. Not to mention the fact that old, long-forgotten friends might also start “suddenly” turning up on your door step with a song and dance about bad fortune that only a handout from you can fix. 

This is as true for casino streamers as it is for rock stars and star athletes.

Which YouTubers don’t disclose their income?

Roshtein is by no means a unique case here. There are a lot of influencers that follow the golden rule of silence when it comes to their finances and day jobs. This is true of most casino streamers and such mainstream influencers as:

  • PewDiePie
  • JackSepticEye
  • Markiplier
  • Ninja
  • Rubius
Roshtein Twitch views, stats, earnings and account description.

Roshtein Twitch views, stats, earnings and account description.

Myth #4: Roshtein never shows his desktop, so he’s hiding something

Some viewers don’t like that Roshtein doesn’t ever show his desktop on the screen. Many people view this as proof that he is hiding something.

But what can he possibly hide there?

Secret agreements with the casino?

A written confession that says «My name is Roshtein and I am a fake blogger!»

Or maybe there are screenshots of messages from online casinos in which they discuss how to make money by scamming viewers by playing online casino games in demo mode?

All sarcasm aside, this myth has the least ground to stand on.

If a streamer shows his desktop for a long time or other things that are not related to the content of the channel, they will quickly lose their audience. 

After all, people tune in to Roshtein to watch his slot gameplay, not his Windows desktop. They want entertainment. 

And a boring display of icons and other nonsense would only harm the streamer.

Roshtein's green screen and set up

The usual set up of Roshtein’s videos does not really allow to show the desktop, as it would cover the whole background. Source: Roshtein’s Facebook.

Do other streamers show their desktops?

In reality, you can hardly find a streamer that shows his desktop in 2021.

Just run an experiment: study the videos of 10-15 Twitch casino streamers and count how many times they show their desktop.

Most likely the figure will be zero, one or two. Because nobody, aside from the CIA agent watching your every single move, is interested in seeing another person’s desktop. 

Nobody at all.

Myth #5: He gets insane bonuses that casinos shouldn’t be able to afford

Some people claim that Roshtein receives exclusive 500% bonuses from casinos. Someone claims that he gets 400%. Others are sure that he gains the more usual 100% and 150% VIP client bonuses

So, where is the truth? 

There are several aspects that contribute to the illusion that Roshtein receives higher bonuses than most casino players.

First of all, unlike most players, he doesn’t regularly cash out. 

The vast majority of his winnings remain on his balance and he uses them for his next streams.

This is why it may seem to some that he receives much more real money than he really does.

As for preferential treatment, there’s probably some truth to this claim, but not because of what you might think. 

Even if Roshtein has a direct partner relationship with a casino, he isn’t likely to receive better casino bonuses than you or me. 

In fact, a casino doesn’t really care much if you’re an influencer or a “regular” player. 

The reason he is eligible for great bonuses is that it is common for him to deposit tens of thousands of euros to a casino. 

If any other player would do so, they will get a similar VIP experience.

Is Roshtein a fake streamer?

Roshtein is, without a doubt, a real streamer who plays using his own money. Once you look deeper into it, this is plain as day. 

The reason he can afford to spend so much money in online casinos is that he, being a top VIP player, who can deposit tens of thousands of dollars per day, receives the best bonuses imaginable. 

Quick math: 

If he plays a slot with a 97% RTP, then an average 50 euro bet costs him only 6 euro. A part of that is covered by his high roller bonuses. The rest is covered by his many affiliate marketing partnerships. 

What is left over are his profits.

While the cold truth of basic math is not as glamorous as a conspiracy theory involving dozens of casinos, software providers, and Twitch itself, it is nevertheless the truth.

So what do you think of Roshtein and his streams? Tweet us at @BobCasinoNews1. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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