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Roshtein — Secrets of a Multimillionaire Casino Streamer (Updated July 2021)

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Roshtein celebrating a big win in the Lost Relics slot in a Twitch stream.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Roshtein is a core member of today’s casino streaming elite and a household name in the industry. The gambling superstar’s main platform is Twitch, where he has amassed over 630,000 loyal followers. Roshtein, real name Ismael Swartz, also often restreams his broadcasts to YouTube, where he has more than 65,000 subscribers.

Roshtein is also active on Instagram. There, the casino streamer flaunts his rockstar lifestyle and frequent luxury vacations to close to 90,000 followers. For the purpose of providing his subscribers with news and updates, Roshtein also runs a Twitter (44,000 followers) and Facebook (10,000 followers) accounts.

The recipe for his success is rather simple. Like most popular Twitch streamers, Roshtein attracts his audience with an over-the-top personality, high audio and video quality, and a consistent streaming schedule.

Let’s find out more about this casino streaming sensation!

Humble Beginnings 

The oldest highlight video on Roshtein’s Twitch account, Winning €5000 and €900 in under 20min, was uploaded to the online platform in 2015. In the highlight, Roshtein showed off one of his first big online casino gambling wins.

Stemming from the video, however, you could easily tell that this was one of his early attempts, to put it mildly. While all of the elements we’ve come to expect from a Roshtein stream are already there, the video sorely lacked in polish.

The streamer looked a lot less relaxed and his personality is a lot less showman-like. The video and sound quality were also a lot worse than we’d come to expect. And instead of a proper green screen arrangement, we are treated to a simple webcam window in the corner of the screen.

Power of Deliberate Effort

It’s a shame that the video is not available anymore, however, as watching this early highlight helps us appreciate just how much Roshtein has improved in the years since it was made. We can see that his over-the-top personality, showman-like charisma, and devil-may-care attitude are a result of not talent, but deliberate effort. And we can see all of the adjustments that had to be made to get the stream’s video and audio quality just right. Thanks to the pains he took, the Swede cemented himself as an integral part of the Twitch and YouTube casino streaming communities. If this isn’t a reason to respect Roshtein, we don’t know what is.

Compare that first video with Roshtein’s most popular video, which was uploaded less than a year ago and you’ll see a world of difference. It’s called DogHouse: 93K NO MORE HOMELESS DOGES (where he plays the Dog House slot) and has over 60,000 views on Twitch:


ROSHTEIN went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Slots VOD now.

Roshtein Method for Casino Twitch Stardom

Twitch streamer’s success can be traced to several key factors. The most important of these is his loyal and dedicated fanbase. Roshtein calls them his troops. And for a good reason. Thousands of them watch all of his streams and highlights. They actively participate in forum discussions on his website. And they often support their favorite streamer via Twitch donations and by playing online slots through his affiliate links.

Another key reason for Roshtein’s success is his non-stop commitment to the continuous improvement of his product. His progress is easy to see. Take a Roshtein clip from 2016, one from 2017, another from 2018, one from last year, and his most recent one. The differences you will see will be staggering. It’s actually quite inspiring how much better you can get by trying to improve a little every single day.

It also doesn’t hurt that Roshtein has an over-the-top personality and a true love for online casino slots. This makes his content downright addicting. His energy is infectious and its hard not to get excited about the outcome of the next spin.

Like many online personalities, the popular casino streamer also benefits from being a workaholic. He streams for 9-10 hours a day and rarely misses a day of work. 

On his Twitch stream, Roshtein plays a wide variety of online slot games. He isn’t tied to a single online casino, either. This means that he is free to switch between platforms to surprise his subscribers with new and interesting slot games.

Roshtein’s Top 5 Biggest Casino Wins Ever

When it comes to winning big, no one can even stand next to Roshtein. Listed below are his biggest online casino wins!

#5 210,000 EUR on Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways

Opening our list is a massive €210,000 jackpot on the colorful Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways slot machine. 

Click the player below to watch the official video from his highlight channel.

#4 215,000 EUR on Сhaos Сrew

Roshtein’s fourth largest win occurred on the street culture-themed Chaos Crew video slot machine. Playing with a €25 bet, Roshtein managed to win an incredible €215,000. The win was uploaded to his official highlight channel on January 24, 2021.

#3 Amazing 280.000€ Jackpot on the Mystery Museum Slot Machine

Mystery Museum is by no means a popular slot machine, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pay out well. 

On the contrary. 

It pays.

A lot.

At the end of January 2021, Roshtein won an incredible €280,000 on the slot machine. 

#2 €326,000 Jackpot on the Fruit Party Slot Machine

Twitch casino slot viewers are spoiled. They are so used to seeing big wins that an 3263x win may almost seem pedestrian to them.

But it’s not. 

Especially if you’re betting €100 per spin like Roshtein.

You can watch him win an incredible €326,000 here. 

Roshtein’s Biggest Win of All Time

Roshtein’s biggest jackpot of all time equaled €500,000. He accomplished this feat in January 2021 on the ever-popular Fruit Party slot machine.

Where Is Roshtein From?

Unlike many popular anglophone streamers, Roshtein isn’t American, Canadian, or a Brit. He’s a Swede. While we can’t tell for sure if he was born there, we know for a fact that Roshtein has lived in Sweden for a long time and still actively resides there.

Every gambling streamer operating out of Sweden has to provide gambling addiction awareness disclaimers in Swedish with a link to on his page. If they won’t, they may get into serious trouble. We can see these exact disclaimers both on Roshtein’s Twitch page and his website.

This idea is also supported by his social media posts. A football fan, Roshtein has made several posts relating to the Swedish men’s national football team.

Roshtein’s Two Million Euro Wins in 2021

In 2021, Roshtein made Twitch casino streaming history when he won over the million euro jackpot of Book of Shadows (Nolimit City) two times in the span of just two months.

The first win occurred in April and represented the biggest win ever captured on a casino stream in Twitch history.

But that wasn’t enough for Rosh. The streamer continued playing the Book of Shadows slot again and again, until he finally won the million dollar jackpot for a second time.

Roshtein Net Worth & Income

Obviously, someone whose Instagram is filled with pictures of luxury travels and a superstar lifestyle earns a lot. But just how much money exactly does Roshtein make? Like most online casino streamers, Roshtein prefers to separate his private and streaming life. But while he doesn’t disclose his net worth and yearly income, it’s not that hard to make an informed guess.

Twitch Income

By running Roshtein’s account data through a piece of software that adds up the streamer’s advertising revenue (IgFace Twitch calculator) as well as their user donations, we estimated that the Swedish casino streamer currently makes around $2,700 USD per video on Twitch. 

Let’s be conservative and say Roshtein was only to stream 5 days a week. In this case, his Twitch income stats would look something like this:

  • Average monthly income: $70,700 USD
  • Average yearly income: $980,400 USD
  • Avg. income per stream hour: $504 USD
  • Avg. income per stream minute: $8.40 USD
Twitch statistics and average income of Roshtein casino streamer.

According to IgFace, Roshtein makes about $197,000K per Twitch video, feeding into his impressive net worth.

Affiliate Deals with Online Casinos

This is not the complete picture, however. As is the case with most Twitch casino streamers, most of Roshtein’s income probably comes from affiliate deals with online gambling venues. And this is where he excels.

As of the time of writing of this article, the Offers section of Roshtein’s website promotes 19 different online casinos. Whenever someone registers and gambles through his affiliate links, Roshtein receives a commission.

While it’s difficult to estimate exactly how much Roshtein makes through these affiliate deals, we can safely assume that his total combined Twitch and affiliate income is well into the millions and that he’s a multi-millionaire. 

Roshtein’s Social Networks

Being the biggest name in online gambling, Roshtein is active on several social media platforms.

He has official accounts on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

His Twitch accounts @Roshtein has over 630,000 followers. Roshtein’s official YouTube channel has more than 65,000 subscribers, whereas the Roshtein Highlights channel have over 60,000 subscribers.

He also runs an official Twitter page @ROSHTEINS (43,800 followers), a Facebook account @roshtein (9,600 followers), and Instagram account @roshtein (88,200 followers).

Why Was Roshtein Banned on Twitch?

Roshtein was banned on Twitch several times. The two most popular incidents occured a couple of years ago.

On August 21, 2018, Roshtein received a 24 hour Twitch ban for allegedly broadcasting sexual content on the platform. He denied showing anything lewd and asked Twitch support for comments. They did not respond.

Almost exactly a year later, Roshtein was Twitch banned once again. This time, he was banned for violating the terms of service and community guidelines of Twitch.

This ban was lifted less than 24 hours later.


Article updated on 23/07/2021.

  • Where is Roshtein from?

    Roshtein was born in Sweden and he still resides there to this day.
  • What is his real name? 

    Roshtein’s real name is Ismael Swartz.
  • When is Roshtein’s birthday?

    Roshtein’s birthday is on March 5.
  • How does Roshtein make money?

    Ismael Swartz makes money through Twitch donations and his numerous affiliate deals with online casinos.
  • What is Roshtein’s net worth?

    According to the best data available, Ismael Swartz’s net worth is somewhere between $3,000,000 and $4,500,000.
  • Is Roshtein a legit slot streamer?

    Yes, Roshtein is a completely legit Twitch casino streamer.
  • Is there any proof that Roshtein is fake?

    No, there is no definitive proof that Roshtein would be faking his gameplay and wins.
  • Was Roshtein ever banned on Twitch?

    Yes, Roshtein has been banned on both Twitch and YouTube. The bans have since been lifted.
  • What is Roshtein’s biggest casino slot win? 

    Roshtein’s biggest win was over €2,000,000, which he won on June 15, 2021 on the Book of Shadows slot.

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