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Craps is a popular, dice-based casino game. During the game, the gamblers wager on certain numbers and after rolling the dice they see the outcome. It can be played at traditional land-based gambling venues or online casinos.

Basic Rules and Gameplay

One after another, craps players roll two dice from a selection of five. Players wager on the outcome of the throw by moving their chips to specially-marked parts of the craps table. In most cases, they do so by putting their bets on either the pass line (in which case it is a pass bet) or the don’t pass line (in which case it is a don’t pass bet). A player who puts their wager on the pass line is called a right bettor; if they bet on the don’t pass line, they are usually called a wrong bettor.

The player currently rolling the dice is referred to as the shooter. Their initial roll of the dice is called a come-out roll and can have three outcomes:

A pass line bet win: on a roll of 7 or 11.

Don’t pass line bet win: on a roll of 2, 3, or 12.

The point is established on a roll of a box number. In this case, the shooter continues throwing until either a 7 or the point number is rolled. If a point roll occurs before a 7, the pass line bet wins. If a roll of a 7 occurs before the point number, the don’t pass bettors win. This ends the round.

Then the dice are passed to a new shooter and the next round begins.

Staff Members

A game of craps is typically run by four staff members: a boxman, a stickman, and two base dealers. The boxman sits behind the table’s chip bank (aka the box) and oversees all money-related issues (such coloring out a player). The stickman, named so because of the wooden stick they wield, takes the players’ bets from the table’s center, announces the results, and pays out the winnings. The two base dealers stand on each side of the boxman and oversee the bets of the players on their sides of the table.

House edge in craps

Depending on the exact bet a player places, the casino’s house edge in craps can range from 1% to 16%. Provided a player sticks to safe bets, craps is one of the fairest casino games, alongside baccarat and blackjack


  • A popular, dice-based casino game.
  • Has one of the lowest house edges amongst all casino games, provided the player sticks to safe bets.

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