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Back Line (Don’t Pass Line)

In craps, the don’t pass line, sometimes called the back line, is a line on the table used for placing a don’t pass bet. The opposite of a pass line bet, the don’t pass bet is a wager in which you bet against the shooter (playing wrong), rather than for the shooter (playing right).

Here’s how a don’t pass bet plays out:

  • You win immediately if a 2 or 3 shows
  • You lose immediately if a 7 or 11 shows
  • It is a pass (a tie) if a 12 shows

If any point number between 4 and 10 (except 7) shows, the game continues and:

  • you lose immediately if the point number shows before a 7
  • you win immediately if a 7 shows the point number. 

Don’t pass line (back line):

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