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Wrong Bettor

In the context of craps, a wrong bettor is a player who has a bet on the don’t pass line (for the shooter to lose). A wrong bettor is the opposite of a right bettor.

Betting on the don’t pass line is a relatively common type of bet. As the bettor is wagering against the shooter and the rest of the table, players who bet on the don’t pass line are called wrong bettors (as opposed to right bettors).

How Does a Wrong Bet Play Out?

Wrong Bet Odds, Payouts, and House Edge

Don’t Pass bets are some of the fairest casino wagers out there. The players are paid out based on 1 to 1 odds, whereas the actual odds of winning such a wager are 976:946.

The house edge on the don’t pass bet is just 1.36%. In comparison, the world bet comes with a 13.33% casino advantage.

Right bettor:

  • A craps player who has placed a bet on the don’t pass line

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