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Bet (Action, Wager, Stake)

A bet, also known as an action, wager, or a stake, is the amount of money placed on the outcome of a casino game or a sports event.

In most casino games, such as poker, betting takes the form of putting chips into the pot. If the player wins the round, they will (in most cases) be awarded the entire pot

In sports betting, players wager on the outcome of a match and get a payoff if their chosen team wins.

In most games, players get to decide exactly how much they will bet at every given time, provided their bets are within the limits set by the venue.

A player who has made a bet and has a stake in its outcome is known as an active player.


  • The amount of money a player places on the outcome of a game or event
  • In most games, players get to decide how much they want to bet

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