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High Roller

In the context of gambling, a high roller is a player who bets large amounts of money and has a sizeable bankroll. Such players are quite rare and are seen as the highest-value customers by casinos. Because of that, casino owners will often give gifts in the form of comps, invitations to special events, and other benefits to high rollers to entice them to return to their venue.

In land-based casinos, high rollers often draw crowds of onlookers to the table at which they are playing. Attempting to replicate this effect online, Twitch casino streamers and YouTube gamblers will often act as high-rollers.

A regular player may sometimes act like a high roller and place large bets (for example, when they’re hot). This is called firing.

At the cashier’s cage, high rollers will typically only take out black and orange chips.

High roller:

  • A player who bets large amounts of money and has a big bankroll.

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