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Straight Keno

In the context of gambling, straight keno is the most popular variant of keno, which is played in casinos all around the world. 

Straight keno is a lottery-based casino game that consists of two distinct stages. During the first stage, the gambler has to choose his numbers from a number pool of 80 and place a bet. During the second stage, 20 numbers are either drawn from a drum or generated by a computer. These numbers are then displayed on the keno board. Players get paid based on the number of numbers they get right and the odds. Each casino has its own payout table and rules concerning prizes.

There are several other versions of keno that are popular around the world. One such variant is All or Nothing, which awards a big payout, but only if either all or none of a player’s numbers are drawn. The true odds of winning at All or Nothing are 843,381:1, which makes it makes winning it as likely as getting a big jackpot in a slot machine. Nevertheless, it is still a popular variant, since many players are attracted by the possibility of winning big.

Generic Use

In most cases, people will simply say keno to refer to straight keno. This is similar to how many gamblers say poker to refer to Texas Hold’em or baccarat to refer to Punto Banco.

Straight Keno:

  • The most popular variant of keno.

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