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Punto Banco

In the context of gambling, punto banco is a term used to refer to American-style baccarat. As of today, punto banco is by far the most popular variant of baccarat in the world. Most land-based casinos offer players punto banco and mini punto tables, but they do not support other baccarat variants.

Due to the dominance of this variant of the game, many players say simply «baccarat» when referring to punto banco. This is similar to the way people will say poker when talking about Texas Hold’em poker.

To learn more about the game, read our glossary entry on baccarat.

The casino advantage in punto banco is 1.24% for a player bet and 1.06% on a dealer bet. This makes it the fairest casino game out there.

Punto banco:

  • The world’s most popular version of baccarat.

A game of punto banco baccarat at a land-based casino.

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