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Payout Table

In the context of slot machine gambling and video poker, a payout table is a table with information about the machine’s winning combinations and the payouts associated with them. 

Each slot machine has its own unique payout table, which can be viewed by the player at any time. This table may also provide information about the slot’s bonus features and the jackpot (if there is one).

In  video poker, the payout table can be used to determine the machine’s payout percentage (aka return-to-player or RTP). For example, the return-to-player figures on Jacks or Better machines are usually adjusted by changing the payouts for a full house and a flush. A full pay Jacks or Better machine is known as a 9/6 and awards payouts of 9:1 for a full house and 6:1 for a flush. Such machines have a very generous return to player figure of 99.54%. A 7/5 Jacks or Better machine, on the other hand, would have a payout percentage of just 96.15%, which is comparable to most slot machines.

Payout table:

  • A table with information about a slot’s winning combinations and payouts.

Video Poker Payout table

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