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Payoff Odds

Payoff Odds – the ratio between the bet and the amount received after a win. They are equal to net profit divided by the amount bet.

Decimal Odds are the easiest to calculate. Let’s say you place a bet of $100 on a football match and the payoff odds are 1.37. To calculate how much you will be paid if your team wins, all you have to do is to multiply the amount you have wagered by the payout odds

In this case, the calculation is quite simple: $100 x 1.37 = $137.

In most real-life cases, however, the math won’t be as simple, because different venues will use different formats to represent their odds. This is why we recommend using our payoff odds calculator below.

When wagering you always need to know how much you can win. Use our betting odds calculator to count your payout odds.

Payoff Odds

The amount of money you stake , $
Ratio of the amount won (profit) to the stake
The amount one wins for every $/€1 wagered
Odds for favorites with a minus sign (-) indicate the amount one needs to stake to win $/€100. Positive odds (+) indicate he amount won for every $100 staked
Probability of a win, betting odds converted into percentages , %

What is a Payoff Odds Calculator?

A payoff odds calculator is an easy-to-use online tool developed by Bob Casino that helps you determine the potential winnings you will get from your bet. Having weighed the potential rewards of the bet with its risks, you will be able to make better (and more profitable) betting decisions. 

The Moneyline format is the most popular formula. Employed by both offline establishments and online venues to calculate odds, it is straightforward and only requires the selection of one winner.

How to Calculate Payoff Odds Using The Calculator

The bet calculator is used to get information about all types of bets that you place when gambling. It is simple to use and it will help you immensely in your betting journey to accurately calculate betting payouts.

To start, fill in the calculator’s “Odds” field by entering the data from the wager you are interested in pursuing. 

There are different odds formats used to represent the expected profit outcome for every event on a particular bet, and different betting companies will give you your odds in different formats. Currently, four odds formats are used more often, and the odds payout calculator works with all of them. Here’s how they look:

  • Decimal: 1.20
  • Implied: 83.3%
  • American: -500
  • Fractional: ⅕

After entering your odds, you will have to enter the amount you want to stake into the bet payout calculator.

The calculator will then determine your potential winnings and the total payout you receive after a successful prediction.

Payoff Odds and Profit

In the world of sports betting and gambling, betting odds are significant for both the players and the betting venues. They show the rate of payout for a bet, together with the probability of the expected outcome. 

While there are no guarantees in betting and gambling, professional gamblers and sports bettors are able to increase their chances of regular winnings and potential profit respectively.

How do they do that? By investing time and care into their bets. 

Thanks to years of experience, professional bettors understand the relationship between odds and probabilities on an intuitive level. They also never skimp on their research, knowing that having the right information and making an informed choice always increases the amount of money they will make. 

How Much Will the Odds Payoff?

The potential payout from a single bet depends on the odds that you pick and the size of your bet.

The American odds format is the most widely used one, but it may require a bit of practice for you to read and understand it better, especially if you’re not from North America.

In Europe, Decimal Odds, are widely used. For most people, these are much more intuitive and easier to grasp. All you have to do is multiply the wagered amounts by the decimal odds to estimate your total payout. This is the exact same calculation we performed at the start of this article.  

Fractional odds are most often used by sports betting bookmakers

Thanks to the rise of online sports betting, many professional gamblers now choose to use one or more types of odds and even consult different betting sites dedicated to comparing odds to determine which platform best meets their needs.


The odds payout of a placed bet determines how big of a profit you will turn in the case of a successful bet. The betting odds calculator is a valuable tool that can help you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, giving you the ability to weigh the risks against the rewards. Use it wisely, and it will prove to be your trusty and reliable companion for many years to come.

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