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Late Surrender

Late surrender is a betting option in blackjack that allows a player to decrease their losses. It can be placed only after you see the dealer’s face-up card, and only if there is no natural blackjack for the dealer.

This wagering option allows you to avoid losing your entire bet and thus minimize your losses. It is often used by players who are betting based on the Martingale and the D’Alembert system in order to deal with their characteristic loss scaling problems during cold streaks.

The other surrender option you have is the early surrender, which differs in the fact that it should be done before you get to see the dealer’s card. This betting option reimburses you half of your initial bet.

The direct opposite of this is doubling down, which means doubling your bet. Other betting options include splitting your cards and placing insurance bets.

Late surrender:

  • A betting option in blackjack that allows players to minimize their losses.

Late surrender in poker

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