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In the context of live dealer games and offline gambling, a ladderman is a casino staff member who oversees the Baccarat tables. The ladderman usually seats on a high chair. This positioning is key. It allows the ladderman to observe the actions of both the players (e.g. to check if they are capping) and the casino’s own dealers (e.g. to see if they are being greased).

The ladderman’s job is to resolve disputes. In most games of baccarat, the ladderman does not come into the picture at all. The player interacts solely with the dealer. The ladderman only gets involved when someone attempts to cheat or makes an honest mistake.

If the ladderman notices a cheating player, they have the authority to ask the player to leave and ban them from the venue (see barred player). 


  • A casino staff member overseeing the Baccarat tables.

Casino staff member overseeing the Baccarat tables

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