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Low Pay Game

In the context of video poker, the term low pay (or short pay) game is used to refer to machines with a below standard payout percentage.

Unlike slots, whose random number generator works in tandem with a pre-programmed return to player figure, a video poker machine is purely random and there is no way for the house to change how often a player gets a winning hand. If a casino wants to increase its house edge, its only option is to lower the payout odds. These figures are typically altered on full house and flush combinations.

Unlike slots, video poker machines do not typically advertise their payback percentages. However, if you know what numbers to look for, you can check whether the game you are playing is full or low pay by consulting its payout table.

Relation Between Payout Odds and Payout Percentages in Jacks or Better

Listed in the table below is the relation between the payout odds for full house and flush combinations and the machine’s payback percentage (return to player) in Jacks or Better

The given figures are based on making a max bet (5 coins) and playing a perfect hand every time.

If a player is to bet fewer than 5 coins, the figures will be lower as a royal flush will pay according to 250:1 odds, rather than 800:1 odds.

Full House Payout Flush Payout Full / Low Pay Return to Player
9 6 Full Pay 99.54%
9 5 Low Pay 98.45%
8 6 Low Pay 98.39%
8 5 Low Pay 97.30%
7 5 Low Pay 96.15%
6 5 Low Pay 95.00%


Low Pay Game:

  • A video poker machine with a below standard payout percentage.

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