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In the context of gambling, a tip is an amount of money given by a gambler to the dealer as a thank you. Tipping in gambling works in much the same way as tipping in a restaurant. It is a gesture of courtesy aimed at telling the dealer that they are doing a good job.

Tipping should not be confused with greasing a dealer. The former refers to a legal way of compensating a dealer for their services, while the latter is a form of illegal bribery aimed at having the dealer help you cheat

How Much to Tip at a Casino?

The correct amount to tip a casino dealer (and whether to tip them at all) differs from country to country. In many American casinos, it is typically customary to tip dealers around 10% of a winning bet, although high rollers and Georges will customarily tip more.

Tipping is also common in online live dealer games. However, before tipping, it is important to keep in mind that some providers keep all of the tips given to the dealers to themselves. You may want to find out who ends up with your money before tipping a dealer at an online casino.


  • A monetary amount given to the dealer by a gambler as a thank you for their work.

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