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Barred Player (Banned Player)

A barred (or banned) player is a gambler who is prohibited from entering the casino. As private establishments, casinos have the right to bar a player from entering their premises for any reasonable cause.

Depending on the casino’s policy and the severity of the violation, the ban may last from a single day to eternity.

What are the most common reasons for bans?

  • Cheating or attempting to cheat
  • Encouraging others to cheat
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Being rude to other players or the casino staff
  • Damaging casino property
  • Attempting to use fake currency

Can I ask for a ban to be imposed on me?

Yes. Self-barring (also known as voluntary barring or self-exclusion) is a common practice for people who wish to take a break from gambling. All you have to do to get self-barred is to ask the casino. Doing so causes no harm to you as, after a period of time, you can always ask the casino to unban you.

Barred (banned) player:

  • A player who is prohibited from entering the casino

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