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Progressive Jackpot

In the context of slot machine gambling, a progressive jackpot slot is a machine that features an accumulative pot. A small percentage of every bet goes towards this progressive jackpot. The winner receives all of the money accumulated by the jackpot they win at the time of the spin. When a jackpot is won, its amount does not start accumulating from zero. Instead, it reverts back to a pre-defined amount (e.g. $1,000,000 USD). To keep things more interesting for the players, Some machines feature several progressive jackpots at once (e.g. a Mega, Major, Minor and Mini jackpot).

Top 5 Online Progressive Jackpot Wins

Here is a list of the biggest verified online casino jackpots won by players:

  1.  €18,915,721 EUR (Anonymous player, Mega Moolah Mega)
  2. $20,057,734 CAD (Anonymous Canadian player, Mega Moolah Mega)
  3. €17,860,868 EUR (Anonymous Finnish player, Mega Fortune Mega)
  4. £13,000,000 GBP (Jon Heywood, Great Britain, Mega Moolah)
  5. $10.4 million USD (Anonymous Australian player, Dark Knight)

Progressive jackpot slot:

  • A slot machine with a progressive jackpot mechanic.

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