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In the context of land-based gambling, the term chip rack refers to the tray used by dealers and players to hold and transport their casino chips.

One of the main functions of chip racks is to help dealers keep the table organized. As they are designed to hold a specific amount of chips, chip racks also make it easier for both players and casino staff members to count the chips. After the end of the session, a player can simply take their chip rack to the cashier’s cage and cash out. 

Chip Rack Materials and Varieties

Chip racks are commonly made either out of clear plastic, but more upscale casinos may have chip racks made out of lacquered wood. Online stores also sell novelty chip racks made out of such materials as glass, titanium, bakelite, porcelain, and bronze.

Longer racks are common in casinos, where they are used by the casino staff. They are very convenient for the dealers because they can hold a lot of chips. Smaller chip racks are typically given to the players. Many of the smaller stacks are also designed to be stackable, which makes them more convenient for high rollers

How to Choose a Chip Rack for Home Poker Sessions

When choosing a chip rack for home-based gambling sessions, it is important to keep in mind a few key things:

  • How often do you play?
  • How many people are usually present at the games?
  • How long are the games?

If your group only plays a couple of times a year, investing in an expensive chip rack may not be ideal. In this scenario, a chip rack you get in a typical poker or blackjack set will probably be sufficient. If you play more often than that, getting a higher quality chip rack may make more sense.

If your sessions regularly host 4+ people and last for multiple hours, investing in a long, high-quality chip rack (or a premium poker set) may be a good idea. You may also want to think about investing in smaller chip racks for each of the players.


  • the tray used for holding and moving casino chips.
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