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Wild Card

In the context of card games, a wild card (or simply a wild) is a card that can substitute for a card of any other rank in order to complete a hand. Most commonly, jokers are used as wild cards.

Cards that can substitute for some but not all other cards are called limited wilds or bugs.

Wild Cards in Video Poker

Wild cards are a common feature of many video poker variants. In many cases, such as when assembling a royal flush, hands created using wilds may offer lower payouts than natural hands, but this varies from game to game.

The joker usually acts as the wild. A good example of this is Joker Poker. However, this is not always the case. For example, 2s act as wilds in Deuces Wild video poker.

Wild card:

  • A card that can substitute for any other card in order to complete a hand.

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