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A gambling session is the period of time between the start and end of a person’s gambling activities. A gambling session at a land-based venue starts when the player enters the casino, purchases chips or tokens, and makes their first bet. It ends when the gambler cashes out their chips at the cashier’s cage. At an online casino, a gambling session starts when you place your first bet and ends when you leave the website or app. 

The term gambling session takes its roots in the United States Internal Revenue Code. The US, unlike many other countries, places a tax on gambling winnings. In order to correctly file their tax returns, residents must divide their income from non-salaried activities (e.g. time spent doing freelance translating) into sessions. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines a session as “a period of time devoted to a specific activity … [like] recording music in a studio.”


«I spent $1,000 was spent during my last blackjack session.»

«I’ll have to report a $5,500 income for my last gambling session.»


  • the period of time between the start and end of a gambling activity.

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