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5 Things You Need to Know About the CasinoGrounds Streaming Community

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Casino Grounds casino streaming community

CasinoGrounds Origins and Foundation

CasinoGrounds is the world’s largest online casino streaming website and community. The website boasts having tens of thousands of active users and one of the most active gambling forums in the world. Its online casino guide section has tons of valuable tips, strategies, and other information for gamblers. So what is the story behind this website? Who owns it? And how big are its revenue figures? Read this in-depth article to find out!

The CasinoGrounds Community

According to their official website, was founded to make online slots more social. And if that’s the case, they fully succeeded. 

As of today, Casino Grounds is the biggest and most active gambling stream community forum in the world. The forum currently has over 34,000 members. The website also has over thirty streamers affiliated with it.

Casino Grounds Forum

On the forum, members share valuable information about online gambling. They discuss various promotions and bonuses, talk about the latest slots, and share their good (and bad) experiences at online casinos. There’s also a social area players can use to organize meetups and events. And, of course, there’s a section of the website that allows members to brag about their biggest wins. 

CasinoGrounds Member Channels and Streamers

The CasinoGrounds website is home to over twenty different casino streamers from all over the world. The foundation of the streaming platform is formed by such household names as NickSlots, Slotspinner, LetsGiveItASpin, Jamjarboy, and Daskelele. Other streamers are less well known, but their content is still entertaining and of high quality. So no matter what time of day it is, you’re bound to find something interesting on Casino Grounds.

CasinoGrounds Streamer Ratings

Here is a list of CasinoGrounds member channels ranked by their Twitch follower count:

  1. Daskelelele (54,300 subscribers)
  2. LetsGiveItASpin (54,200 followers)
  3. NickSlots (29,100 followers)
  4. Slotspinner (20,600 followers)
  5. Gamble_gangsta (18,300 subscribers)
  6. JacksSlots (14,600 followers)
  7. Huneasd (11,700 followers)
  8. Jamjarboy (10,200 followers)
  9. Spajek (8,200 followers)
  10. ShaneTSGTV (7,400 subscribers)
  11. Casinolandstreaming (7,200 followers)
  12. CasinoHoppers2019 (6,700 subscibers)
  13. DeluxeCasinoBonus (5,200 subscribers)
  14. RoseyReels (5,100 subscibers)
  15. K_blackwood (2,900 followers)
  16. Takethehit (2,700 followers)
  17. Casinofamily (1,800 subscibers)
  18. BigC9977 (1,400 subscibers)
  19. OnAirJannick (1,400 subscribers)
  20. Casinokiller97 (1,200 followers)
  21. CasinoGroundsTV (870 subscibers)
  22. Thecasinobrothers (699 subscibers)
  23. Locoslots (664 subscribers)

NickSlots, LetsGiveItASpin, and Other CasinoGrounds Owners

CasinoGrounds was established in 2016 by Kim Hultman (LetsGiveItASpin), Nick Preston (NickSlots), and Iztok Bratun (Skylined87). NickSlots and LetsGiveItASpin are very successful slot streamers with established audiences. Originally, CasinoGrounds was a small forum for gambling enthusiasts, but it quickly merged into a large and important player in the casino streaming sphere.

In late 2017, popular online casino LeoVegas purchased 51% stake of GameGrounds United AB, the legal entity owning the CasinoGrounds streaming network. The Maltese internet gaming venue reportedly paid 30,000,000 SEK (approx. €3,000,000 EUR) for the purchase.

The sale was largely condemned on the CasinoGrounds forum as members feared that the website would become little more than a LeoVegas promotional tool. Luckily for CasinoGrounds users, this doesn’t appear to have happened.

CasinoGrounds Net Worth & Revenue

According to the financial statements provided to the Swedish government by CasinoGrounds owner company GameGrounds United AB, the venture earned seven-figure revenues in both 2018 and 2019. The company had an incredibly successful 2018, earning over two and a half million dollars of revenue and one point six million dollars in profit. In 2019, CasinoGrounds’ revenues halved and their profit figures dropped almost thrice.

Here are the numbers:

2018 Financial Year

Revenue: $2,530,052.80 USD (21,958,000 SEK)

Profit after net financial items: $1,614,372.43 (14,015,000 SEK)

2019 Financial Year

Revenue: $1,243,422.09 USD (10,798,000 SEK)

Profit after net financial items: $663,396.43 USD (5,761,000 SEK)

 CasinoGrounds Net Worth and Revenue


What exactly is CasinoGrounds?

Casino Grounds is a popular gambling streaming forum and casino community with over 34,000 members. The website consists of a very active gambling forum, a section containing all the latest casino bonuses and promotions, an in-depth gambling strategy guide, as well as a section featuring the streamers affiliated with the platform.

Why is the CasinoGrounds community so popular?

There are many reasons for the platform’s popularity, but we believe that gambling clout plays one of the most key roles. Casino Grounds was established by several key players in the gambling streaming community. One of them is Kim “LetsGiveItASpin” Hultman, who has 54,200 Twitch followers and 61,300 YouTube subscribers. Another is Nick “NickSlots” Preston, who has 38,700 YouTube subscribers and 29,100 Twitch followers. The platform also features over twenty other streamers, each of whom have their own loyal fanbase that they bring to the platform.

Who founded and who currently owns CasinoGrounds?

The website was founded by Nick Preston (NickSlots), Iztok Bratun (Skylined87), and Kim Hultman (LetsGiveItASpin). Today, the majority stake of the website currently belongs to the LeoVegas Group.

Was CasinoGrounds sold?

Yes, a majority stake in Casino Grounds was sold in late 2017. The purchaser was popular online casino LeoVegas, who bought a 51% stake in the company running the website through their LeoVentures investment firm.

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