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Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About LetsGiveItASpin (Updated Jan 2021)

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Almost any casino lover enjoys watching how other gamblers spin slot machine reels. One of the most beloved YouTube gaming channels is LetsGiveItASpin, who has been making videos for 5 years. He’s also known for his Twitch channel that attracts thousands of live viewers every stream. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about LetsGiveItASpin.

Who Is LetsGiveItASpin?

The LetsGiveItASpin channel is run by a Swedish man named Kim Hultman. He was born in the small town of Smålandsstenar in central Sweden. He is a former professional poker player who also enjoys playing slots and making bets. Kim launched his channel back in November 2015, which makes him a veteran of the casino industry. At first, Kim’s channel wasn’t really successful, as he uploaded videos only once or twice a week.

Now, Kim has more than 72,400 YouTube subscribers and more than 41,300,000 views. As he’s trying to upload more and more videos, you can watch more than 150 of them. Since LetsGiveItASpin is into streaming now, the total count of his Twitch subscribers is more than 57,000.

The Beginning of Kim’s Career

Until 2015, Kim was all about playing poker. That’s why he already had some fans supporting him when he created his YouTube channel. His first videos were only 1-2 minutes long, showing his biggest wins in different slots. As Kim’s audience grew, he became a member of the CasinoGrounds group of streamers. 

Later on, LetsGiveItASpin created his own Twitch channel, which made him extremely popular. Hundreds of people followed him to watch him play different slots. It mainly happened due to his sense of humor and open-ended nature. He knew how to attract people’s attention and that’s why he became popular quite quickly. 

Kim is a public person and he doesn’t even try to hide anything from his fans. He has his own Twitter page where he constantly writes his opinion on various slots. You can see that Kim has about 5,000 subscribers and this number increases steadily. LetsGiveItASpin willingly shares everything that happens in his life with his followers. For example, you can easily find out what his favorite dishes are or read his thoughts on the political situation. However, most of his posts are about gambling and gaming tips. 

When Kim became more popular, he created Instagram and Facebook pages to be in touch with his fans. There, he posts different memes, videos about slots, and a lot of other interesting stuff. Once LetsGiveItASpin realized how huge his fan base was, he launched his own website. He also decided to monetize his hobby by selling T-shirts at his online store. The average price of one T-shirt is $18.49. It’s possible to track your package when it leaves the shop and is en route to you.

A lot of Kim’s fans started to accuse him of being too egoistic and greedy. However, it’s far from the truth, since LetsGiveItASpin has proven time and time against that he is still a humble guy who enjoys what he’s doing. 

Kim's current Twitch views and statistics.

Kim’s current Twitch views and statistics.

Types of Videos on LetsGiveItASpin’s Сhannel

As Kim has more than 150 videos, they can be divided into several categories. Although all of them are fun to watch from the side. He’s mainly focused on playing slots and these videos are subdivided as follows:

All these types of videos are made to entertain people since they don’t last too long. Besides, his subscribers like to see Kim’s real emotions even if they’re recorded on a video. Still, the majority of his viewers prefer to watch his Twitch channel, as they find his streams more exciting.

LetsGiveItASpin is a huge fan of blackjack and roulette as well. Most videos from this category are recorded during live sessions. It means that Kim’s fans have a chance of seeing him think and make decisions live. 

Here you can also find Kim’s video when he’s playing poker. Unfortunately, there are only three of them since LetsGiveItASpin is no longer interested in this game. All these videos were released back in 2016 when he just began his YouTube career. 

If you’re interested in LetsGiveItASpin’s daily life, you can watch his vlogs to see what he does apart from playing games. There are about 50 videos showing what conferences and tournaments Kim attends. As a rule, he records the city he’s visiting and gives comments on what’s going on in the tournament. 

The Most Popular Videos on LetsGiveItASpin’s Channel

Kim is an actual master of flashy titles since all his videos attract viewers’ attention. Here are the most viewed videos and links to them:

The third most popular video is a vlog published in February 2018. It’s all about Kim playing roulette at a land-based casino. He admitted that roulette has always been his nemesis, and he could never win too much while playing it.

In this video, Kim was playing monopoly live with his friends. They managed to score a few winning streaks. In the end, they earned more than €3,500 but their streaks were over.

This video doesn’t last too long but you can understand what it is about from the title. It was published in August 2016 and has almost 800,000 views. He was playing the slot called Book of Dead and managed to get 32,000 SEK (approx 3,500 USD). Even though his starting budget was only about 200 SEK, he was lucky enough to score such a win. 

As you can see, the most popular videos are all about entertaining stuff. Kim’s followers love watching him score huge wins. At the same time, a lot of viewers are interested in his daily life and prefer to watch his vlogs. People come to his channel to get excited and experience some positive emotions. LetsGiveItASpin is trying his best to succeed in doing so and his fans are more than satisfied with his content.

LetsGiveItASpin’s Biggest Wins

A lot of Kim’s viewers mention the fact that he scores huge wins too often. Although it’s worth mentioning how much time LetsGiveItASpin spends to snatch such a sum of money. He can stream for hours trying to catch his chance. He also warns his viewers not to chase huge wins as he usually does since it costs too much money.

Down below you can see the most astonishing wins that Kim ever managed to get:

3rd place: €7,000 in two minutes on Dreamcatcher (March 20, 2020)

Dreamcatcher is a volatility game made by Evolution Gaming. This slot has an RTP of 96.58%. LetsGiveItASpin was lucky to earn €7,000 in just a few minutes in March 2020.

2nd place: 14,000x win on Bonanza (April 10, 2017)

Bonanza is a high volatility game released by Big Time Gaming. It has an RTP of 96%. Kim managed to win 149,152,50 SEK starting from 776,00 SEK in April 2017.

1st place: €24,000 on Razor Shark – Kim’s biggest win ever (August 26, 2019)

Razor Shark is a high volatility slot created by Push Gaming. It has an RTP of 96.7%. LetsGiveItASpin was extremely lucky to get such a crazy win in August 2019. Just look at his reaction to understand everything he felt at that moment.

LetGiveItASpin’s Net Worth

It’s quite easy to calculate Kim’s net worth since CasinoGrounds initially was his project. Nick Preston (Nick Slots) Iztok Bratun helped him to establish CasinoGrounds as a small forum for gambling enthusiasts. Later on, the website merged into a large casino streaming sphere.

However, Kim earned his biggest part of the money in late 2017. In that year, LeoVegas purchased 51% of GameGrounds United AB. As a result of this deal, Kim and his partners earned about €3,000,000.

Besides, 2018 was an incredibly successful year and they earned about $1,614,372.43 in profit. One year later, their profit decreased by several times and was only $663,396.43. As of LetsGiveItASpin’s donations, personal assets, and stocks, they’re not available in public records, so it’s impossible to say how much money Kim actually has.

LetsGiveItASpin average income from streaming on Twitch

LetsGiveItASpin’s approximate income on Twitch, as per September 2020.

Scandals Connected with LetsGiveItASpin

Just like many other online casino streamers, Kim is accused of playing with fake money. There are even some research on different casino forums where people discuss whether it is true or not. Many of his viewers have doubts since LetsGiveItASpin usually places huge bets. Another reason for such scandals is that he manages to earn thousands of euros by placing five euro bets.

Everything started when people noticed that Kim is playing at LeoVegas only. In other words, it seems suspicious when you see a streamer playing at his partner platform. He also promotes this casino every stream and does this in an open way.

Many of his viewers are sure that he even gets his money back when a stream is over. However, there is no proof that this is true. Unlike most other streamers, LetsGiveItASpin was never seen playing with fake money. His emotions are totally real and he plays at a licensed casino. His other fans are sure that he manages to get such huge wins just because he plays a lot. Besides, there is always a bit of luck on his side.

FAQ About LetsGiveItASpin

  • What happened to Kim LetsGiveItASpin? Was he banned?

    There was such an accident back in May – June 2018 when Kim was banned on YouTube. It happened since casino streaming was forbidden for some reason. There was also a version that some people submitted a complaint to get his channel banned. Everything was sorted out and his channel was restored soon.
  • Does LetsGiveItASpin use fake money?

    No, he doesn’t. Despite what many of his haters can say about him on the internet, he is a legit streamer. LetsGiveItASpin never uses fake money.
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