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Credit – a single betting unit. Players use it to place bets online or at land-based casinos. Credits are what you get in a slot machine after inserting real money.

At some online casinos, it is possible to use fake credits to play games for fun. In most cases, these free credits are used by new players to learn the game rules and gain experience without risk.

Casino Credit

The term credit can also refer to the checking services and credit lines offered to gamblers by some land-based casinos. The casino credit service allows a player to continue playing after their bankroll has run out without having to go home and back. The casino carries a risk when doing this as the gambler might attempt to avoid paying back the debt. Because of this, casino credit is nearly always only provided for a fee.


  • A betting unit used in slot machines and at online casinos.
  • Alternative: A type of financial service provided by some casinos.

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