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Bonus Game

In slots, bonus games are mechanics designed to grant players additional chances to win. Bonus games vary wildly between machines, but here is a list of some of the most common ones:

Pick and clicksA pick and click is a slot mechanic in which the player is given a choice between several objects, each of which has a certain prize or effect hidden behind it.

Re-spins. A single, additional free spin. If the spin wins, the player is given a payout as if it was made with their current bet. 

Free spins. Several free spins at the player’s current stake.

Wheel of fortune. The player spins the wheel of fortune and gets an award according to the sector on which the wheel stops spinning.

Added wild symbols. The player is awarded extra wildcard symbols that have the potential to change the outcome of the spin by acting as surrounding symbols.

Pathway games. A progression of minigames, winning each of which will grant the player a prize.

Bonus game:

  • A mechanic designed to give slot players additional chances to win.

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