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In gambling, the term bonus refers to the reward given to players by their casino or online gaming venue for certain actions.

Land-based casinos typically provide bonuses ranging from free drinks and free casino chips to concert tickets and luxury hotel accommodations. Online gambling sites provide bonuses in the form of free spins for slot games and deposit bonuses. These are awarded for such actions as signing up (no deposit bonus), making your first deposit, making a deposit over a certain amount, or referring a friend.

How big are the bonuses provided by online venues?

There is no one answer to this question. Bonus policies range wildly between online casinos. In addition to that, casino bonuses are often seasonal in nature.

How can I get a free vacation or luxury hotel suite from a land-based casino?

High-ticket bonuses like luxury cruises and accommodations in 5-star hotels are typically reserved for high rollers, players who are known for gambling large amounts of money. 

If you are a casual gambler and your bankroll is usually under a hundred dollars per session, your bonuses will likely consist of free drinks, snacks, as well as free chips to gamble with.


  • A reward given to players by their casino or online gaming venue.

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