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Riffling (Riffle Shuffle)

In the context of gambling, riffling or riffle shuffle is a common style of card shuffling. Riffling is one of the fastest and easiest ways of manual card shuffling. It is very popular during at-home poker nights with amateur dealers.

How to Riffle Shuffle

To perform the most basic version of the riffle shuffle:

  1. Split the deck into two equal halves.
  2. Place one packet in your right hand and the second one in your left.
  3. Push down on the cards with your index fingers so that they bend downwards.
  4. Pull the cards up with your index fingers to create tension.
  5. Bring the two halves together.
  6. Release the cards one at a time with your thumbs.

Riffle shuffle:

  • A common style of card shuffling.

Riffling Cards on a poker table

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