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The Big Payback — Name, Age, Job, Net Worth, Biggest Wins

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The Big Payback bio and net worth

If you’re a YouTube slot fan, then you no doubt know (and are subscribed to) the Big Payback. Since launching his channel in August 2014, this mysterious YouTube slot streamer has built a fanbase of close to 100,000 followers. And his 2,000 videos have gathered close to 90,000,000 views.

Unlike other slot channels, The Big Payback takes a rather novel approach to content creation. 

His videos are made to educate users, not just entertain them. Valuable tips and tricks are included to help players get a better idea of the slots he showcases and the best ways of playing them.

So who is The Big Payback exactly? How old is he? What does he do for a living? What is his net worth? And what makes him such a favorite with gambling fans around the world? 

Join us as we introduce you to Tim, the mysterious mastermind behind The Big Payback YouTube channel.

Who is The Big Payback?

The Big Payback is a popular slot streamer who is known only by his first name — Tim.

Up until just a couple of years ago, almost nothing was known about the YouTuber, besides his name and his insatiable love of slots. 

All of that changed when he did an exclusive interview with Everibody Play Now on October 13, 2019.

In the video, a masked Tim shared some information on his personal life and his love for slot machines.

He also announced that he would be making a big reveal at an upcoming charity event held in Vegas.

But more on that later.

Where is the Big Payback Tim from?

Tim lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and dog. He revealed this information in his interview with Everibody Play Now.

Cleveland, Ohio where Tim The Big Payback lives.

Cleveland, Ohio — home to Tim and his family.

What is the Big Payback Tim’s main job?

Tim is the president of a tech company that creates custom internet solutions for its clients. 

Outside of work, Tim has a big passion for graphic design. This background has given him plenty of appreciation for beautifully designed slot machines

Tim loves the way that slot games have evolved, with amazing designs and gameplay features taking them to a whole new level.

The Evolution of The Big Payback Slots

The Big Payback Slots YouTube channel was founded in 2014. 

If you were to look at one of his first videos, you’d see that Tim was mostly silent as he played — even when scoring massive bonuses and getting big payouts. At the Everibody Play Now interview, Tim explained that, being introverted, he found it daunting to make videos with running commentary.

Another thing you will notice is that these early videos were of rather poor quality. They were cut live and Tim used what he later termed «bad camera settings» during his early YouTube days.

As Tim began to get a bit more comfortable, he started talking more and began joking around. 

But instead of getting in the way of the game, he started talking about what he was feeling as he played. 

Eventually, Tim’s natural, easy presence on camera helped establish his status as a no-frills, easy-watching slots YouTube channel. And the invaluable information he provided to his viewers was a pleasant bonus.

The journey from card games to slots

Tim has been playing slots for many, many years. When he was younger, he often took trips with his mother, traveling to casinos to play. 

Despite being one of the biggest slot influencers on YouTube, card games (and not slots) have always Tim’s main gambling love. He confesses to being fond of five-card poker in particular.

To this day, Tim still loves getting into his car and heading out to discover new casinos, saying that the travel itself is a big part of the fun.

Ask Zeus

In around 2018, Tim began to answer common questions asked by players in the Ask Zeus section of the website. In this section, any player can ask Tim a slot related question and get an answer.

There, he disclosed such interesting tidbits as his strategy of dealing with casino panhandlers and his fool-proof way of making sure you don’t miss out on casino comps.

Ask Zeus service that allows to ask Tim questions

A natural love for the game

The Big Payback slots player has a love for the game that comes across in all his videos. He visits real casinos and bets with his own money. 

And no bonus is too small for him to be excited about. Because it’s not just about winning cash for Tim. It’s about having fun and enjoying his time on the slot machines.

The Big Payback slots today

The Big Payback slots in 2019 was an especially big year. This is when Tim finally revealed himself, first in an interview and then in front of physical audience at a charity tournament. 

Needless to say, COVID and its resulting lockdown have had an effect on all offline gamblers, and Tim is no exception. Many venues are closed and those that are open make players follow strict health precautions.

Despite this inconvenience, Tim keeps on doing his best to entertain (and educate) his followers by offering them as much new content as he can.

Big Payback Tim Finally Unmasked

Big Payback Tim was unmasked at last at the Slot Star TournEvent for Charity Tournament, an exclusive charity event that took place on October 16, 2019. The event took place at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas. 

The Big Payback face reveal

The 2019 Slot Star TournEvent for Charity Tournament was a massive event giving away a staggering three million USD to charities all over the world.

One hundred and fifty-three players competed in the tournament. And popular YouTube slot influencers were featured between the first and second rounds of play, including Slot Queen, Slot Lady, and Big Payback Tim.

The influencer charity tournament offered a prize of ten thousand USD donated to the winners’ charity of choice. 

Tim chose St Jude Children’s Research Hospital as his pick. This charity provides support for families of kids dealing with cancer.

Why doesn’t The Big Payback show his face in his videos?

Tim is a rather private and introverted person, so showing his face to millions of people simply doesn’t feel right to him.

Right from the start, Tim made the artistic decision to put an emphasis on the games that were played, and not on the person playing them.

For him, the Big Payback has always been about the game, and not about him. He prefers not to get in the way of the action and, frankly, finds it surprising that people would even want to see his face and find things out about his life.

However, he became a little bit more open after his face big face reveal in 2019. In 2021, photos of Tim’s face are a staple of the channel’s YouTube thumbnails.

The Big Payback YouTube Statistics

As of April 2021, The Big Payback channel has 97,000 subscribers. 

Tim has posted about 2,000 videos, which have gained a combined 90,000,000 views. 

Despite the limits imposed by the current health situation, Tim still manages to treat his subscribers to one or two videos every single day. 

The Big Payback YouTube channel

The Big Payback YouTube channel.

The Big Payback on Social Media

The Big Payback can be primarily found on YouTube. Tim used to have several other social media accounts but he hasn’t been active on them for a long time.

Is The Big Payback on Twitter?

Although Tim has an official Twitter account, he does not use the platform much. If you want to find out the latest about him, then visiting his YouTube page is your best bet. 

The Big Payback on Facebook

You can follow The Big Payback on Facebook to get updates on videos he uploads to YouTube. He is a lot more active on YouTube itself, however.

The Big Payback on Instagram

As of April 2021, The Big Payback does not have an official Instagram account. is the official website for Tim’s channel. It features a range of articles, gameplay tips, Q&As, and game showcases. The video library can be searched by bet amount, manufacturer, or machine type.

Hundreds of slots are showcased, from high-limit fruit machines to penny slots. Featured slot machines include AGS, Ainsworth, Aristocrat, Aruze, Bally, Everi / Multimedia Games, IGT, Incredible Technologies, Konami, Scientific Games (SG Games), and WMS

The site also has a game request option for players to request new slot games to be featured on the channel. homepage.

TheBigPayback website.

The Big Payback YouTube Channel Statistics

The Big Payback YouTube channel has grown from strength to strength over the last seven years.

The channel has a high interaction scale with a good number of comments and likes on his videos, which means that his audience is very active. 

The Big Payback has a rising number of total channel views and a high Nox score.

The Big Payback Youtube channel audience, views and statistics

The Big Payback Youtube channel audience, views and statistics. Source: Noxinfluencer.

The Big Payback Slots Net Worth

As of April 2021, The Big Payback’s net worth is $203,000.

According to our most accurate and up-to-date Statsmash estimate, The Big Payback has a net worth of just over two hundred thousand. The channel’s earnings are largely based on advertising revenue from Tim’s YouTube videos.

It is not known how much he earns (or loses) per year of playing slots. He uses his own money to play and that means that his winnings do not need to be disclosed to the public.

Keep in mind, however, that this is the net worth of the channel, not of Tim himself. Being the president of a tech company, Tim no doubt has a personal net worth that is at least several times as large as that of his channel.

We’ll keep this section of the article updated as new information becomes available.

The Big Payback net worth.

The Big Payback net worth. Source: Statsmash.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Big Payback

  • Who owns The Big Payback?

    The owner of The Big Payback YouTube channel is known as Tim. As he is quite a private person, he has never shared his last name with the public, but we do know that he is the president of a company providing software solutions.
  • What social media does The Big Payback use?

    You will find The Big Payback almost exclusively on YouTube, but the most inquisitive fans will find that he also has a semi-active Facebook group and an abandoned Twitter account.
  • What slots does The Big Payback play?

    Tim plays pretty much any and every type of slot! Tim likes to play, review, and give tips on everything from penny slots to high-stakes jackpot slots. He enjoys visually-pleasing slots and other slots that capture his interest with their novelty and gameplay features. His love of the gambling games means that he is always looking for fun games to play. 
  • Is The Big Payback popular?

    Yes. The Big Payback channel has close to 100,000 subscribers and is a favorite of many slots fans. His followers love his videos for their down-to-earth information, detailed descriptions, real-world appeal, and Tim’s personality.
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