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Next UK Prime Minister: Betting Odds

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Jeremy Hunt is behind Boris Johnson with the odds to become the next prime minister of the UK.

Since Theresa May has stepped down from the Downing Street 10, the new UK Prime Minister will be announced on July 23, as it will be the new Tory party leader. Following the nature of unpredictable Brexit odds, the betting odds on the new Prime Minister are in. As we look at the odds from online bookmaker 22BET, it’s possible to predict who will become the next UK Prime Minister.

The race has narrowed down to two candidates: the notorious Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. There were 10 candidates initially, right after May’s resignation. However, most of them gradually backed out, after failing to get the necessary amount of votes during the MP voting rounds.

Boris Johnson, an avid Brexit campaigner, is in the lead, according to bookmaker odds. 

Boris Johnson Odds

Johnson has been playing with the idea of hard Brexit from the start. He also resigned from the Foreign Minister position in July of last year and called on for May to reject the previously made agreement with the EU. 

Being a seasoned political veteran, Johnson is still popular with the population, as well as grassroots Tory MPs. His vow to exit the EU quickly and his openness to hard Brexit would also attract many votes of his fellow MPs.

The odds on Boris Johnson to become the next Prime Minister are 11/100. Therefore, the odds on hard Brexit are quite likely to shorten as well. 

Jeremy Hunt Odds

Jeremy Hunt is the next in line in terms of odds. His position also echoes him replacing Johnson as the Foreign Secretary. Prior to that, however, he campaigned against leaving the EU.

The odds of Jeremy Hunt to become the next Prime Minister are 5/1.

Even though the bookies don’t favor him, he’s got a solid claim. He announced his bid for the Prime Minister chair right after May resigned. On the contrary, Johnson started campaigning only a week later. Moreover, Hunt is supported by Penny Mordaunt (defense secretary) and Amber Rudd (work and pensions secretary). Such Tory support might be crucial for his bid.

However, the party members are not likely to vote in his favor. This is due to his relative unpopularity, after leaving junior doctors without extra pay for unsociable hours during his position of the longest-running Health Secretary in British history.

All that’s left now is to wait for the announcement of the winning candidate on July 23. Do you have your own prediction on the most likely candidate? Make sure to bet on the Next Prime Minister on 22BET.

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