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Loaded Dice

Loaded dice are weight-altered dice used for cheating. By changing the weight distribution of the dice and making one of the sides much heavier than the others, a cheater is able to make the dice show the number opposite of it much more frequently than otherwise possible. In games such as craps, the ability to do so can be used to consistently win bets.

How to Make Loaded Dice?

Traditionally, dice loading was done manually. First, the cheater would drill a hole through the dots opposite of the desired number. They would then fill up the resulting cavity with lead. After that, they would seal the cavity back up again and put the dice in an oven to melt the lead into place. Lastly, they would mask the entry point as best they can.

Today, pre-loaded dice are widely available for purchase in hobby and trick shops.  

Should I Be Concerned About Loaded Dice?

Before gambling was legalized and regulated, loaded dice used to be a serious problem. On the one hand, crooked venues would sometimes give their staff loaded dice to prevent certain outcomes. On the other hand, a greased craps dealer could hand a cheater a pair of loaded dice in order to help them achieve a rare outcome.

These days, all regulated casinos transparent plastic dice that makes weighting extremely easy to spot. If you are playing at home, it is also recommended to use transparent dice to prevent the possibility of cheating.

Synonyms: crooked dice, weighted dice

Loaded dice:

  • Dice that have been weight-altered for the purposes of cheating.

Loaded dice on casino table

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