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Double Deck Blackjack Strategy: Does the Number of Decks Matter?

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Double Deck Blackjack strategy guide on Bob Casino.

With the emergence of digital casinos, the game that attracted most players was blackjack – for various reasons. First and foremost, we all have a familiarity with the game, whether we’ve seen it in movies or played it ourselves. The second reason was that it’s a perfect balance of technical skills and a game of luck.

It’s not only popular in Europe (where it originated) or the USA (where it quickly found wide recognition). Now it’s played by thousands of players everywhere. So, it’s only natural that these players are turning to the internet for newfound strategies and variants they can employ to increase their chances of winning — or, just to shake things up a bit.  One method that’s worth knowing about is the Double Deck blackjack strategy.

First, let’s go through all the rules for playing with this strategy and how it can change up an ordinary game of blackjack. Remember, it’s always useful to practice before bringing this to a blackjack table — digital or otherwise. Test it out on your own before you wager real money. This way, you can avoid making any mistakes that would have been brought about because of negligence and lack of expertise.

The Basic Blackjack Strategy

For quite a bit of the game’s history, there were no strategies; blackjack was played more similar to poker in regards to how players would guess their opponents’ next actions by analyzing possible moves.

However, the game evolved rather recently. This was due to a Las Vegas casino’s decision to switch up their blackjack rules. The deciding factor in doing so was to bring in new players and, thus, more potential revenue. These new rules require the dealer to only show one card out of the two dealt.

Furthermore, drawing can only be done under certain conditions. Due to these alterations, it is easier to predict the dealer’s actions. This turn of events certainly increased the game’s popularity, as strategies for analyzing the dealer’s actions became more widespread.

The basic strategy isn’t perfect, but the concept is very intuitive and easy to learn. The method is recommended for those players who are just learning how it works. It also fits those who do it for fun while minimizing their losses to a certain extent.

The basic strategy serves three things:

  1. Get the maximum win on each winning hand;
  2. Get the least loss in the losing hands;
  3. Turn a losing hand into a winning one.

After figuring out how to apply these rules consistently, it will be easier to move to more complex strategies. Getting better with the basics is an essential step to playing correctly in general. It is also essential if you want to learn the Double Deck blackjack strategy for card counting.

Blackjack strategy chart that can be used as a cheat sheet when playing using Blackjack strategies.

Blackjack strategy chart, useful for multiple blackjack variations, including the double deck.

Basic Strategy for Double Deck

Basic strategies have some minor differences depending on the variant being played. For example, you may be allowed to double after the split, while in other cases, you won’t be. Also, some variants are dealt with one deck (see single deck blackjack strategy) while others use multiple decks. The basic strategy is adjusted based on the variant in order to produce the best results.

The Double Deck blackjack basic strategy uses two decks of 52 cards each. They are shuffled together and dealt at the beginning of each hand.

Here, players cannot surrender. However, it is possible to purchase insurance if they believe the dealer is about to hit 21. Check out this table to see a detailed guide on your actions according to this technique:

The biggest benefit of using these tables is that they are completely straightforward. You simply need to check the value of your hand, see what the dealer holds, and refer back to the table. It will show which rules apply in a particular situation and you’ll know the next best action.

What Are the Most Generous Rules You Can Find?

Several conditions that leverage players’ winning chances for the better (if applied perfectly) include:

  • It uses one or two decks  (for our case, it’s two).
  • Unlimited doubling is allowed.
  • Players can re-divide aces and draw cards to them.
  • The player always wins whenever they get six cards and stay under the limit.

If all of these conditions are met, and you apply the blackjack basic strategy for Double Deck, together, they would give you a significant advantage. Of course, casinos take these rules into account, so they try to compensate for them and keep the house edge. So, be prepared for high table limits in exchange for the house edge being reduced.

As for regular players who are not interested in counting cards, the number of cards has little effect on the results. But on the other hand, if you do count, the fewer decks there are, the easier your calculations will be.

How Does the Number of Decks Affect the House Edge?

Players who work with the blackjack Double Deck strategy often prefer to know what’s inside the dealer’s shoe. The main reason is that it helps them apply advanced strategies more effectively.

Rules and calculations start changing as soon as you include more cards. Unfortunately for players, it’s directly related to the increased house advantage. The biggest changes start when you play with 6 or 8 decks. 

Card Counting in Multi-Deck games compared to one-deck games, even the two-deck version can make a big difference. Casino owners are aware of this fact, and they try to take advantage of it. While it’s really hard to outsmart the system, it’s not impossible. You just have to come up with a tried and tested way to increase your chances of success.

Multi-deck games, such as the Double Deck blackjack counting strategy, include a higher number of cards. Therefore, players need to calculate all the cards still in play. Keeping track of a few (one or two) decks is very different from having more of them in play at once. Sometimes it makes it harder to determine how many cards are left.

There are even casinos that put a cap on the shoe, thus preventing players from calculating. If you come across such a table and still want to test your skills, one possible way to calculate the number of cards is to multiply the number of hands, including the dealer’s, by 2.7 on each turn. However, you need to factor in the margin of error.

Also, if you participate in a two-card pocket game when the dealer has the cards in hand, it can be challenging. Therefore, in order to keep accurate live counts in multi-deck games, you need to see cards in the discard tray.

Different number of decks affecting the house edge in blackjack, from double deck to 9 decks.

How to Learn New Strategies Quickly

The only way to master any game is to study and practice. One way to memorize strategies is to play online. Not only are there many specialized training programs, but there are numerous online casinos you can try out. Practice basic strategy and more advanced systems such as the blackjack strategy card counting for Double Deck.

These simulators and online platforms give you a great opportunity to practice different strategy options. You can check the possibility of modifying the strategy tables and play around different rule settings. This way, you will develop your unique playing style and leverage the game in a way that you personally.

Advantages of Online Casino

We are all familiar with traditional casinos. They have their own pros and cons, but what about the new digital versions of casinos? Here are the reasons why you should choose online platforms in favor of the outdated ones:

  • Speed. The game progresses quickly, but the player still has enough time to decide how much to bet, how much to play, and anything else. The time limit is renewed whenever a card falls on the table, and players are generally given 10-15 seconds, which contributes to the excitement. The game takes place pretty fast, even when there are 6 players at the table.
  • Comfort. In a ground casino, it is considered rude not to play a lot. The online casino is the opposite. You can stop the game whenever you want for any reason (answering your phone, having a bite to eat, talking to someone, etc.). Add the comfort of your favorite armchair in the living room, or even play from your bed.
  • Live dealers. Trained dealers give you the same experience as a regular casino. They can address you by your name (an alias usually, though you have a choice) and they can also answer a comment or question, as it would be in real life.

Important Considerations about Online Casinos

To be fully transparent, we also want to point out a couple of drawbacks. While they may not necessarily make your experience worse- or, they  may not even happen- you should still keep them in mind:

  • Traffic issues. Especially in online casinos with few tables, you may need to wait for a gap to be able to play. Also, you need to have a stable Internet connection if you don’t want to get disconnected in the middle of the game.  
  • Risks of being scammed. Some are suspicious about online platforms and whether they can trust them. There are times when players complain about a dealer or other players and point out suspicious behavior. Some rare instances shouldn’t be your reason to stay away from casinos, but you should definitely do your research before going in.

Why Play Blackjack?

The main reason blackjack is popular with gamers everywhere is its simplicity. The easier it is to learn, the easier you can improve your technique. The fact that it offers the opportunity for immediate profit without much thought makes it even more liked.

We are not only talking about experienced players, but also non-professional players who are doing it primarily for fun with no desire to deal with calculations and mathematical sequences. Of course, there are devoted fans, but with the right strategy and a little skill, it can bring significant profits to any player. This can help take the house edge below 1%.

More Useful Tips to Ace the Game

You can never have enough advice on how to improve your tactics. We present several additional recommendations that the most experienced players follow:

  • Remember that the dealer can win any card. Never be sure of yourself. You should learn when to surrender or use the insurance option – when you do not have a good hand and have placed a high stake.
  • Even if we do not count cards, it is common for 5 to 6 small cards to go over the limit.
  • When you are counting cards, and the number is negative, like -1, it would be best to raise the stakes a little higher as you are likely to get a blackjack or at least 20.
  • Stay focused on your game. Always calculate your moves with the mindset that there is no room for error.
  • Do not play with beginner players if you can. They don’t know when to split, double, pull, and other essential moves. It may sound harsh, but it is one of the most important tips.
  • Always have enough money to play. Of course, it shouldn’t be the house rent money or your food budget. It means you should have enough money left over from your budget to play comfortably and without fear of going into financial troubles.

Even when applying the best blackjack strategy that will increase the chances of success, nothing is guaranteed. You may have a high hand, but the dealer might still beat you without you seeing it coming. Don’t back down; just bet the same amount on the next round and keep your temper. There are many times when players rise from unfortunate situations and start winning consistently.

Two Worst Mistakes Beginners Make

Continuing on the educational segment, we will also look at the key mistakes newbies make to help us become better. Remember that this game is more of a game of skill and experience, unlike many other casino games.

Of course, blackjack’s popularity is largely due to its rules that seem easy to understand to the general public. However, the difference between a good player and a bad one is knowing the basics and when it’s time to quit. Let’s look at these two main mistakes that bad players make:

  1. Ignoring basic strategy. There are many ways to learn about the game from a professional perspective. For instance, you can use online articles, books, and videos. However, very few players are aware of the basic strategy, which is known to help in various situations. Those who haven’t dealt with some basic playing strategies don’t have a truly holistic view of the subject.
    Don't ignore strategy for Double deck blackjack.
  2. Not knowing when enough is enough. Let’s take a simple example. One player comes in every day with $100 and aims to make $300. If it reaches $300, they must stop. Suppose they go on and make $400, which means they reached $100 above the expected daily profits. But then comes the losing streak and their profit comes down to $300 again. This is the moment when they should accept what they have and not try to reach $400 in profits just because they could.
    Not knowing when to stop in Double Deck Blackjack.

Start Practicing Today!

As was the case with the growth and spread of the Internet, it would be unreasonable to leave the gambling industry unchanged. Thousands of online casinos offer a range of services that the player can’t even find elsewhere.

The easiest way to learn the blackjack strategy for Double Deck is to play the game more often. Repeat the right moves until they become a habit. If you are a beginner, we suggest playing with smaller funds while you are still getting used to the strategy.

Check out Bob Casino for different versions; start small and progress to more advanced techniques with a great skill set. Our simple online platform makes participating in online blackjack quick and easy. Just pick a game, choose what you want to bet, and have fun. Experience the intensity of a real casino at home with us!

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