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Blackjack Perfect Strategy: Choose Your Winning Path

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Blackjack Perfect Strategy

The perfect basic strategy in blackjack is one of the most common and profitable gambling schemes. It is available to play in any casino. In blackjack, you can apply strategies to lessen the house edge, which is what makes the game so accessible. 

Today we are going to walk you through the process of using perfect pairs in blackjack strategy. With the help of the plans we provide, it is possible to reduce the casino advantage to 0.5%. Gambling pros who know how to count cards can use math to make deductions and earn up to 5% of the sum of average bets.

What Does a Deck of Cards and a Calendar Have in Common?

Card games were played with a deck of 78 cards for centuries until the deck changed in the Middle Ages. But, this change happened for a reason. One year has exactly 52 weeks, and four colors were used to reflect the four seasons. Each season has 13 weeks, so the deck was divided into groups of 13 cards in each color.

But that wasn’t all. Modern cards were marked with numbers from 2 to 10, and the other four numerals were dedicated to the King, Queen, Ace, and Jacks. If we add up all the numerical values of the 52 cards, we get 364. If we add the joker card, we get the number 365, corresponding to the number of days in a year. 

Blackjack Basic Strategy: Rules and Examples

Situation 1. The dealer shows their first card with a two, three, four, five, or six. He is likely to lose: blackjack rules state that the dealer must take cards until he reaches 17 or more points. And the likelihood of the dealer hitting pictures or tens is quite high because they are still in the deck.

Player’s Actions. According to the basic strategy rules, when the dealer has a card of two to four, a player with eleven points or less should hit cards without the possibility of scoring, stopping at 12 or higher. And if the dealer shows a card from five to six, the player with ten and eleven points should double down.

Situation 2. The dealer shows his first card with a seven, eight, nine, or ten. He is likely to score seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, or twenty points in the end.

Player’s Actions. In this situation, the player must score more points than the dealer when holding ten points. For example, if the dealer has shown seven, the player must score 17 points or even more.

Situation 3. Sometimes, regardless of the dealer’s upcard, players do not hit on 12-15 points in fear of bust. They prefer to stop at 12 against 7 or 13 against 8.

Player’s Actions. In order to properly use the perfect pairs strategy, the player must take another card, even if it seems like a mistake. An exception to this is when the player counts cards by strategy plus or minus and has a real positive score. In this situation, a dozen is quite probable, and the player can refuse to take further cards.

Situation 4. At some point, the player concludes that the casino heads are not fools and that the dealer’s strategy is perfect. The player starts to follow the same rules: taking cards up to 17 and not stopping at 16 points.

Player’s Actions. When the dealer shows cards between 2 and 6, the chances of winning are reduced. In other cases (7, 8, 9, 10, and Ace), the strategy of drawing more cards is statistically justified. It also makes sense to take a card with 16 points.

Single Deck and Four-Deck Strategy: Differences

There are two blackjack perfect strategy charts. One is for playing with a single deck, and the one below is for a multi-deck game.

Blackjack strategy chart that can be used as a cheat sheet when playing using Blackjack strategies.

It’s easy to use the table. First, calculate your points and find this amount vertically.  At the same time, look at the up card. At the intersection of these values will be an instruction to action. 

For example, a player has 10 points, and the dealer has 3.  At the intersection, we see the letter D, which means doubling the stake (Double). It is best to make a bookmark in your browser and open it every time you play blackjack.

Card Counting Strategy in Blackjack (Hi-Low)

Perfect basic strategy for blackjack: Hi Low card counting strategy

This strategy is also quite common. Its simplicity allows card counters to take advantage of it, even if they are mere beginners. However, it is only suitable for real casinos, or for single-deck Blackjack. So, what’s the point?

First, when counting cards the player should keep in mind that each card must have its own number. All cards with pictures, as well as aces and tens must be taken for 1 point. Every nine, eight or seven is taken for 0, and all other cards are taken for +1. When players receive cards, they must perform calculations by adding or subtracting the values assigned to the cards.

Depending on what number the player gets, he must pass or bet. For example, if he turns out to have +5, it means that there are still many tens left in the deck, so he can potentially keep playing. In situations where the sum becomes negative, the strategy suggests passing.

But there are also a few nuances. 

  • First, you can play using this system only in real casinos, not online. After all, in online casinos, cards are mixed after each hand. This reduces all calculations to nothing.
  • Secondly, the most accurate and straightforward system will work in a single-deck game. As the number of decks increases, it will be necessary to apply a formula according to which the received amount is divided by the number of decks.
  • If all these conditions are met, the game becomes simple. When the amount is negative, it’s better not to risk. Whenever it’s positive, however, the probability of winning increases.

As you can see, the system is easy to use and brings a small but stable profit over its course, but there are many conditions that must be met for it to be successful.

System 1-3-2-6

Another rather exciting and easy-to-use blackjack strategy is the 1-3-2-6 system, which is quite similar to the Paroli system.

The perfect strategy blackjack for odds is working in accordance with its name. If you win a round, you need to increase your bet as many times as the system name indicates.

Blackajck betting system 1-3-2-6 chart for perfect strategy

For example, a player has a particular sum. Let’s say that his minimum bet is one dollar. So, the game begins. The player bets one dollar and wins.

The next bet is three dollars already. If he wins again, the bet is $2.

If the player is also lucky this time, the next bet is already $6. And here comes an interesting moment: the next bet does not depend on the outcome of this hand. The circle ends, so in any case, the player must bet one dollar. Besides this, he must return to the initial bet after each loss.

Using such a strategy can be risky, but there is a chance of bringing in a good profit. For example, if a player wins four times in a row, his initial bet will increase 12 times.

Blackjack 1-3-2-6 Odds System on Bob Casino

Although the probability of such an event is quite low, some newcomers may try to take a loss.  However, professional players use several other strategies.

This strategy belongs to the category of smart money management. I.e., by means of different bets, you can achieve maximum profit. For those who like to play and have fun, the system 1-3-2-6 adds lots of excitement to the game. Use this strategy to minimize your losses and play with a smaller bankroll

Pursuit Strategy

This blackjack strategy is based on the fact that, before the game starts, the player determines the size of the smallest and largest bet on one hand. For example, his playing budget is $100. So, the player decides that the minimum bet will be $1, and the maximum bet will be $10.

On the first hand, he puts the minimum amount. The size of any further bets depends on whether the game is a winning or losing one. In a situation where the player wins, he bets the maximum bet, in our case, 10 dollars. And this bet will be the same until he loses.

After each losing bet, the minimum value is set — in our case, it is $1.

The essence of the strategy is that during the white (winning) series, the winnings will be large (10% of the bank in one hand). Meanwhile, the black series of losses will not cause a significant loss (only 1% per hand).

Although this strategy is considered by many professionals to be quite risky, it is very often effective and useful.

This system can be easily modified in terms if it’s deemed reasonable. For example, if you have won 4 times in a row, there’s no use of betting on winning again, as the probability of winning is already minimal.

Or you can make another rule. After two victories in a row, do not place a big bet. The nuances are always chosen by the player for himself, depending on his/her psychology and excitement level.

Careful Pursuit Strategy

This is very similar to the pursuit strategy but has its own features.

Before starting the game, the player must allocate three types of bets in his bank: the maximum possible bet, the minimum possible bet, and an average one. Let’s take the $100 bank as an example. In this case, $1 will be the minimum bet, $5 dollars is the average, and $10 is the maximum

The game can start with any bet. Each loss means that the player must return to the minimum bet, but the player’s actions after winning are the core difference of this strategy. After the first win, the player must bet $10, i.e., the maximum bet.

If you win a second time, the player must place an average bet. For the third and subsequent win, the player must bet the minimum bet.

This type of behaviour is explained by the fact that with each new win, the possibility of the next one decreases. Therefore, this strategy allows for the player to play carefully in order to minimize their losses. 

The other strategies are as follows: minimum ($1), maximum ($10), average ($5), minimum ($1) before the first loss. Make sure to use our net winnings calculator to help you out with that during the game:

The amount of money you stake , $
Your hypothetical win from the initial bet , $

A Few Relevant Recommendations for an Effective Blackjack Game

If you are interested in how to win in blackjack, then the following suggestions are sure to help.

  • Assess the situation logically. During the last round, you can face the following situation. You have 12 points on your hands. Any card is required except 10, but the players sitting next to you have only small cards. In such a situation, it is better to exclude risk. Although all strategies will say otherwise, there is a high probability that ten will fall out.
  • Double it, if possible. If the sum is decent and blackjack points are good, then try to play double. That kind of risk will pay off with a decent win.
  • Pause on time. After a long winning streak, the wind may blow in the other direction. Either change the table or leave the casino.

Are There Any Bad Strategies in Blackjack?

Blackjack has a long chapter in the history of casino games, so many different strategies were born throughout its existence. Some are almost forgotten, and others are quite in demand. One thing is for sure: each approach has its pros and cons. 

Most mistakes are made by the players themselves, like hitting the wrong cards, rushing in stands, and split decisions. Also, a number of other actions can cause severe damage — incorrectly taken insurance, repeating the steps of the dealer, and mistakes in choosing a place at the table.

Any strategy aims to make the game as simple as possible and to make it more stable and reliable. However, you should not rely on one strategy entirely. You need to feel your intuition and assess the current situation on the table as accurately as possible.

Did you choose your perfect basic strategy in blackjack? Then, welcome to Bob Casino! We are your trusty provider to the world of exciting blackjack games!