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Live Casino In Canada

Live dealer games at Bob Casino bring the excitement and thrills of land-based venues while keeping all the benefits of online gambling. For the most authentic experience, check out our live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, or ditch the classics and go for insane games available only online, such as Dream Catcher. From software from the best developers and lucrative live-dealer game bonuses, there is something for everyone at Bob Casino. If it happens to be your first time considering live dealer games, here is everything you need to know about them.

How Do Live Dealer Casino Work?

The idea behind live dealer games is very simple. Let's say you want to play live casino blackjack and join a game. You will see a real dealer who will be shuffling cards and managing the game. You'll be able to communicate with them and other players, if there are any.

The unique part of live games is that all cards on the table have a microchip. As the cards are dealt, the microchip will communicate with the software that, in turn, will show the value of the cards on the screen.

Prior to any action on the screen, you should place your bet. This happens just like at real casinos. After all bets are placed, the game begins. As the dealer takes cards out of the deck, they will be scanned. You can see the cards being dealt while their value will be on the screen. The game interface also shows important details, such as your current count.

Just like in real life, the dealer will wait for you to act and then the final score will be calculated. The bets will be returned or taken immediately and a new round will begin.

How to Play Live Dealer Casino Games?

All you need to do is to pick a game and make your bet, the rest is for your live dealer to take care of. The dealer is your point of contact, so if you have any questions, you can type them in the chat. Besides, the live dealer takes all the responsibilities of a dealer at a physical casino, so they play cards and spin the roulette wheel.

Everything around the dealer is real, including the table, the decorations, and other elements. Usually, they stream from studios that look just like casino floors. So, you can expect to hear subtle background noise and see the green or red table.

The Best Live Dealer Casino Games Online

Bob Casino partners with the best software developers in Canada to offer the highest-quality live dealer games. Every game listed on this website is a suitable option for new players and experienced pros alike. Still, we want to give you some extra information about our games and hope that it can help you figure out the best game for you.

If you opt for the best software developers with a stellar reputation, you'll get the best graphics and slick gameplay. It goes without saying that when you play at Bob Casino, every game is fair and random. To point you in the right direction, give a try to games developed by Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live.


Just like the real time game, live roulette is an engaging and fast-paced game with lots of options to win. The rules are simple: make your bet and the dealer will spin the wheel. If you haven't played real roulette but have an experience with online roulette, a similar format is applied here.


Don't let the reputation of this game put you off. Baccarat isn't something reserved for the riches, at least not when you play it at Bob Casino. This is a very simple game where everything depends on luck. You place your bet and the live dealer draws the cards. On top of standard baccarat, this live dealer baccarat casino also has lobbies for Speed Baccarat and Punto Banco.


This is probably the most popular game at our online live casino Canada. When it shifted to the online world, blackjack didn't lose any of its charm. Being one of a few games where you can play against the dealer, it is all about interactions and smart moves – something that is hard to recreate online. The rules are the same: get to 21 without busting to win.


At Bob Casino, you can play poker in the stylish atmosphere of a luxury casino without leaving your house. Newcomers will be welcomed by knowledgeable dealers. Pro Canadian players will appreciate well-run games executed by experienced live dealers.

Other Games

Anyone who has played lotteries knows that sometimes you don't want to think about any strategy. Moreover, classic games of luck such as roulette can get boring at some point. When it happens, Bob Casino has the perfect solution – live dealer game shows that you can only play in live casino settings. These games include Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, and Sweet Bonanza. Perfect for those times when you just want to chill, these games are the perfect alternative to the classics.

Tips for Playing in Casino with Live Dealer

Before you open a live dealer game, here are several things we want you to consider:

1. Check your internet connection. There is nothing worse than starting a game and getting a buffering stream. Make sure your bandwidth can handle the game.
2. Bet what you can afford. Play smart and remember that chasing losses won't get you anywhere.
3. Know when to stop. At Bob Casino, you can win real money with ease, but only a few lucky players can win all the time. So, if today isn't your day, just come back tomorrow.
4. Be nice to other players. This is the etiquette of any live dealer casino – play nice to have a blast.
5. Have fun. Ultimately, Canadian players come to Bob Casino to have fun. So, make sure you have it too.

Pros and Сons of the Live Dealer Casino

Live casinos are the next big thing in Canada and in the industry as a whole. Unlike other casino games, they let you play against a human just like you would if you could get to Las Vegas or Macau. There is something special about playing live dealer games, even though they aren't perfect. Let's have a look at pros and cons of live dealer games.


Live dealer casino veterans who can't go to brick-and-mortar venues love live dealer games. They don't use RNGs, so there is no software involved in determining the results. Besides, there is something charming about playing against real people. On top of that, we can think of two more advantages:
1. Play on the go. The best thing about live casinos is that you can play them from anywhere in Canada. Bob Casino is available on mobile devices, so you can play live games anytime. You simply log in to the website, pick a game and the fun begins.
2. The best tech. Our software developers use cutting-edge tech and the latest systems to make everything run smoothly. You can expect to see HD streams where every detail is clearly visible.


The live dealer tech is new, so it's not perfect. The three issues that we've heard players from Canada mention are:
1. Technical problems. A live dealer game is basically a stream from a studio, which can result in glitches and lagging. If you want to play live dealer games with an unstable internet connection, it won't be a pleasant experience. You need to have a reliable and fast network, which can still be a problem for some people. And even if your connection is stable, there can still be buffering and freezing issues.
2. Limited choice. Unlike standard games, the range of games with live dealers is limited. Software developers need to take care of their dealers and studios, so it gets expensive. As a result, the majority of companies can't sustain a huge game portfolio. Still, more and more live dealer games are released every day, so you can expect a few dozen versions of the classic table games and card games. And when a new worthy game is released, this live casino Canada adds it to the library.
3. Higher minimum bets. Since maintaining live dealer games is an expensive affair, software developers raise betting limits. You also can't play these games for free. At the same time, with higher stakes comes a chance for higher rewards.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Live Casino

Every gambler from Canada can try their luck at Bob Casino because we have enough payment options for that. To name a few methods, we have:

  • Bank cards. This is one of the oldest options that are reliable and safe. You enter your card details and confirm the transaction. Deposit times are instant, while withdrawals can take several days.
  • Bank transfer. Now, this is the oldest method, so it is extremely reliable and unbelievably slow. You don't need to disclose your financial data, but transactions take up to a week.
  • eWallets. These are some of the most popular options in Canada. Electronic wallets are reliable and anonymous – you create an eWallet and only share its details with the live dealer casino. Your personal and banking information isn't disclosed.
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers. These are effective methods of making small payments. The main advantage is that you can control your spending – you can't spend more than you have on the prepaid card.
  • Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are only some of the cryptocurrencies that you can use at Bob Casino to instantly pay for bets and cash out. Cryptos are anonymous and secure, so more and more gamblers use them as the main payment method.

Popular Live Casino Bonuses

At Bob Casino, there is a bonus for every player no matter their taste. Live dealer gamblers share a prize pot of €1,500 every 4 days. To grab the reward, you just need to keep playing live dealer games and follow simple rules:

  • 1. This is a tournament, so players with the biggest number of points win.
  • 2. €1 in bets = 1 point and all bets of €0.1 count towards the final result.
  • 3. Every 4 days, there are 30 winners.
  • 4. The first-place finisher gets €400 and the rest share €1,100 amongst themselves.
  • 5. A new round begins right after the current one is finished.

Popular Live Casino Bonuses

Depending on your preferences, one experience can be better than the other. We at this live dealers casino believe that both online and live dealer games have their place. Let's have a look at their pros and cons and summarize their differences.

Live Dealer Games

These games don't use any software to generate game outcomes. Just like at a real casino, the outcome is based on luck. The dealer hosts a game and is there to witness your win or loss. Since the games are harder to maintain, they are more expensive. Live dealers bring your experience closer to a Las Vegas experience, which means you'll have to pay more for it. Just imagine that a software developer has to pay for cameras, lighting, studios, and decorations, not to mention the dealer. Thus, these games will always be more expensive than online games.

Live dealer games are more social and for some people, that means more entertaining – an AI can never chat with you, let alone run a game like a professional dealer. For now, live dealer games are the only way to enjoy the authentic live casino Canada atmosphere without leaving your home.

The fact that a live dealer runs a game has its cons, too. It means that you can't head off to do something else, take a break in the middle of a round, and come back half an hour later. Live dealer games set a limit on how long actions can take, so you'll have to keep up with it.

Online Casino Games

These games rely on software algorithms to generate results. The software is called RNG and it creates thousands of number sequences every second to guarantee fair outcomes. While this software is tested for fairness and accuracy at Bob Casino, not everyone likes it.

These games are cheaper than live dealer options. Software-managed games are cheaper to run, so they are more affordable for everyone. You can often bet as little as a few cents.

Live casino games are social creatures, but many Canadians are more into solitary affairs. For others, the lack of interaction with other people kills the fun. On average, online games have less vibrant energy than their live counterparts.

Your favorite games are available 24 hours a day at this live dealer online casino. Software-dependent games never rest, so you can play them whenever you desire. Our live dealer games also run 24/7, but your favorite dealer also needs to rest and recharge. So, you might have to wait to catch them online.

When you're playing an online game, it's you who decides how fast the game should go. You can think about your bets, check out something else, play many games at the same time, and do whatever you want without worrying about your game. At the same time, when you're playing the best live dealer games, you'll have to keep up with everyone else.

Many online games are really quick, so if you want to play hundreds of rounds within an hour, you can do that with ease. Live dealer games, on the contrary, give players enough time to think and place their bets, so each round is much longer.

There you have it – the pros and cons of live dealer games and their comparison to online games. Both have lots to offer to players and the good news is that Bob Casino has both on offer, so you don't have to choose. Make sure to try both to make up your mind!

No matter what gambling experience you prefer, you can enjoy a variety of the best live casino games at Bob Casino. You might even discover some new titles that will become your favorites.

What are Live Casino Games?

Simply put, providers install cameras in front of tables and stream the gameplay process. The main features of a typical live dealer game are:

  • Everything happens in real-time. As a player, you should place bets and make decisions quicker, just like in a traditional casino.
  • Multiple angles. Thanks to these angles, you get a clear view of cards, the table, and the dealer.
  • Play on any device. You don't have to use your PC to have fun. Just play it on your mobile device anytime you want.
  • 24/7 availability. Forget about "prime hours" of brick-and-mortar casinos. Game tables are open all day long and you can always hop in and gamble away.

Which Live Games are the Best?

Below, there are some of the best live dealer titles you can play on Bob Casino:

  • Roulette. This is one of the best games to play against real people with a live dealer.
  • Blackjack. There are many blackjack variants with different table limits available to Canadian players.
  • Poker. You will never grow tired of various poker variations with different payouts and rules.
  • Baccarat. Play against the real dealer and enjoy the real thrill of Baccarat.
  • Bob Casino hosts other live games, so don't forget to check them out, too.

Are Live Games Worth it?

No matter how colorful the graphics of standard virtual casino games are, nothing can beat playing against real people. Sure, seeing cards get shuffled by a program is exciting, but having a real person deal the cards is even more intriguing. Besides, live dealers are real people with a spontaneous sense of humor. This is more fun that pre-programmed dialogues.

Why Do People Play Live Games?

We believe that these are the main advantages of live games:

  • Socialization. When you play against a machine, you're still alone and no one shares this experience with you. Live games offer much more than just gambling.
  • Authentic experience. You're competing against real people, and the thrill is also real.
  • Interact with dealers. Many titles come with a video feed that's shared with other people. Dealers can answer your questions and cheer you up.
  • No RNGs. Even though RNGs are totally fair, some people still don't believe in them. These players are more comfortable gambling with a live dealer.

Bob Casino takes advantage of the evolution of gambling and brings the casino experience to the table.

Bob Casino’s Best Live Games

One of the reasons why Canadian players love casinos is the lively atmosphere and personal connection they can make with the dealer. Nowadays, you can get realistic gambling experiences at home. Indeed, Bob Casino has dozens of games for you to play against real dealers. We work with well-known software providers that deliver lag-free gaming experience:

  • Netent. This provider creates games with unique interfaces that show useful statistics and even give you the odds of betting options.
  • Evolution. This is one of the biggest providers with dozens of titles on offer. It even lets you share your winnings with your friends on social media.
  • PragmaticPlay Live. This provider has already won several "Software Rising Star" awards and their dealers can speak several languages.

With Bob Casino, players in Canada can enjoy the thrilling sensation of playing in a physical casino from the comfort of their own homes.

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