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RTP or Return to Player Percentage: How It Affects Casino Games, Slots and Winnings

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RTP in online casino games and slot machines.

Those of you who are new to playing online slot games might not know exactly what a Return to Player (RTP) figure is. This article will briefly explain everything you need to know about RTP in slots. Once you understand what RTP is and how it affects the casino’s advantage over players, you’ll be able to make better slot choice decisions. 

What Does RTP Mean? 

RTP is a percentage that a slot machine will pay back during its lifetime, and it exists in every game. So, it gives players an idea of what they can expect to win back while playing a specific slot. 

But we should note that RTP doesn’t give any guarantee, and the exact amount of money you’ll win varies session by session. Instead, think of RTP as the opposite of the house edge. If you know a certain game title has a 5% house edge, it means that the RTP could be seen as 95%. 100% RTP means you stand on the same ground as a casino and anything over 100% means that the casino operates at a loss.

Overall, the higher the RTP percentage in online casino games, the better position you have as a player.

How Do You Calculate RTP?

Gamblers can’t calculate RTP themselves but this information is usually available next to each casino game or in the paytable. Still, it may be useful to learn how the calculation for any game takes place. 

RTP = the total amount returned to players / the total amount bet by players.

Let’s look at an example of how RTP works in slots. If you play 100 spins for $1 each on a 95% RTP game, the expected amount you can win back is $95. This is not a very appealing position, but this is where jackpots come into play. Therefore, RTP is a theoretical value, and the potential prize pool varies in each session.

The outcome of each spin is determined by a complex program called a random number generator (RNG). So, each time you play, you have a fair chance whether you win or lose. 

RTP in American Roulette

The two most distinct varieties of online roulette are the American and European versions. But before we go on to explain how RTP differs in online slots, let’s see whether they overlap. The premise for both is the same. There are even-money shots such as odds/evens, red/blacks, and bets on the main layout on numbers in a straight-up, split, row, corner, and street fashion. 

One crucial thing that affects the difference in RTP is a second green pocket marked 00 in American roulette. The table below shows what you can expect when you play on an American roulette wheel.

Return to Player percentage in American Roulette.

RTP in European Roulette

European roulette is considered to be a much more favorable variation. The difference doesn’t seem like much on paper, but when you play for real money consistently, it does affect your winnings. Look at the table for the European roulette odds and compare them to the American ones.

Return-to-player rate in European Roulette

Land-Based vs. Online Slots: Which Have Better RTP?

When choosing where to play gambling games, you need to evaluate where you have a better chance of winning. The highest RTP slots are offered by online platforms. It’s not because land-based casinos are rigged against players. The reason is that regular casinos need to have higher returns because the general expenses of running a physical venue are much higher compared to casino websites. 

Land-based slots are often set at 88%-92% RTP, and it rarely goes higher than that. In contrast, online slots hardly ever go lower than 94%-95%. As of 2020, 96% and up is the industry standard.

To stay compliant with regulations, online casinos can’t manipulate the RTP of their games. Even though some providers do offer games with several RTP variations, they can’t change the core settings of random games at will.


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