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NetEnt’s Newly-Released “Perfect Blackjack” Decreases House Edge

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Netent Perfect Blackjack Slot on Bob Casino

NetEnt’s live casino recently launched Perfect Blackjack, an innovative table game that allows players to automate their actions according to the perfect blackjack strategy. This effectively reduces the house edge to only 0.34%. Thus, the return to player (RTP) figure is 99.66%.

Perfect Blackjack can be played quite efficiently, as players can set up auto-play and choose in advance whether they would like the system to double down or split if the choice arises. Players can sit out hands and join in again when they feel like it. Perfect Blackjack is supported by most web browsers and operating systems and can be played on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. 

These innovative auto-play capabilities allow Perfect Blackjack to offer a whole new level of flexibility. The game is appealing to blackjack players of all skill levels and is an industry-first for live casinos. 

NetEnt Live’s Director, Andres Rengifo, has said that beginners can use Perfect Blackjack to gain a thorough understanding of blackjack and perfect strategy. On the other hand, experienced players can use the game as a more relaxed experience. They can sit back and let the system make flawless choices for them.

NetEnt collaborated with Rank Group to create Perfect Blackjack. The head of Rank Group’s  Live Casino department, Richard Walker, is confident that Perfect Blackjack will be extremely popular in the iGaming industry due to its educational elements and loosened boundaries. 

How It Works

Perfect Blackjack has the same goal as a traditional game of blackjack, which is to get a hand of 21 (or as close to 21 as possible) without going over. You will need to get a higher value than the dealer’s hand to win the bet. Anybody who has played a regular game of blackjack will have the transferable skills necessary to play NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack. 

The difference between Perfect Blackjack and a traditional blackjack game is that the former uses NetEnt’s perfect strategy engine, which determines the ideal move to make. The strategy engine makes decisions in real time based on the player’s hand. The system will always make the move that gives the player the best chances of winning, which is what brings the RTP up to an impressive 99.66%. 

The Game’s Features

NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack is streamed in HD, but the video quality adapts to the player’s connection speed. Perfect Blackjack implements a player chat, and its interface can be set to one of 23 languages. Another feature of Perfect Blackjack is that it has betting limits suitable for high, medium, and low rollers.