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Arthur’s Fortune Slot Review (Yggdrasil)

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Arthurs Fortune Slot Review on Bob Casino

Hic jacet Arthurus Rex quondam Rexque futurus (Translates to Here lies Arthur – King who was and king who will be or The Once and Future King). So reads the epitaph on King Arthur’s Gravestone according to Sir Thomas Malory’s legendary novel, Le Morte D’Arthur…

Writing hundreds of years ago, Malory couldn’t have known how prophetic that engraving would turn out to be. King Arthur has risen again and again in our collective imagination as depicted in the dozens of modern-day blockbuster novels, movies, and the more riveting slots that feature him as the protagonist.

If you are a slots fan who is particularly drawn to Arthurian releases, the brand new Arthur’s Fortune from Yggdrasil will appeal to you for sure. In it, you get to accompany King Arthur, his advisor Merlin, and 2 of the most superior Knights of the Round Table on a rewarding mission to pillage gold.

Play Arthur’s Fortune For Free- PC & Mobile

Ally with the Royals of medieval Britain! Play Arthurs Fortune for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • RTP: 96.2%
  • High Volatility (93.5)
  • 20 Paylines
  • Bet Range: €04-100
  • Max Slot Potential: €1,085,650!
  • Hybrid Crowns(Acts as Scatters/Wilds)
  • Wild Transformations
  • Bonus Round- Win more than 10000X your Bet!
  • Devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop


A sighting of Camelot in all its splendor stands in the backdrop of the 5X3 grid that is populated by an array of symbols. You can also see a controls tab at the bottom of the grid that bears the most essential controls such as a 2-way coin value selector as well as max bet, spin, and auto-spin buttons, all of which do not need much deciphering, to be honest.  

As is typical with Yggdrasil slots, you can switch between a coin-based and cash-based win evaluation algorithm by clicking on the bet displayed on-screen. Important to note, however, you can always convert any coin win/bet to real cash by multiplying it with the coin value you have selected. If you also want to know how much your cash win/bet is worth in coins, just divide it with the coin value you are playing with.

Moving on to the paytable, King Arthur, the only man who could pull the Excalibur from the stone to prove that he was the rightful heir to the throne, leads the way with the premier prize of 12.5X. The surpassingly beautiful and desirable Queen Guinevere who is believed to be in an extra-marital relationship with sir Lancelot then follows closely with rewards of up to 10X. Speaking of sir Lancelot, he was the greatest fighter and swordsman of all the Knights of the Round Table and son to King Ban of Benwick and Queen Elaine. His symbol is the third-strongest, payout-wise, with rewards of up to 7.5X. Next on the lineup is Sir Tristan’s symbol with rewards of up to 6.25X. Wondering who he was? He was a high-ranking member of the Round Table who advised the king side-by-side with the King’s most trusted advisor, Merlin, who is the last of the high-pay symbols with rewards of up to 5X. As you would predict, card royals A through J are the low-payers, rewarding you with only up to 1.5 times what you put on the line.

Trigger the Arthurs Gold Feature on any Spin!

Remember that impressive execution of wild transformations from the previously-released Blood Moon Wilds slot? Well, expect to see it here, only that the moons have been replaced with the symbols from this slot. And whichever symbol is landed up there will turn into a substituting wild.

On top of taking the place of any regular symbol to complete a winning combination, the transformed wilds are also payers dishing out rewards ranging from 1.25X-27.5X for 2-5 of a kind on an active payline.

Bonus Round

The crown of King Arthur appears on the grid as a hybrid symbol (acts as both scatter and wild), which pays just as much as the transformed wilds (discussed above). Being a scatter, 3, 4, and 5 appearances on the grid trigger 7, 10, and 14 free spins featuring 1, 2, and 3 symbol transformations respectively. And that’s not all! If you manage to land 2, 3, 4, & 5 scatters, you will be awarded 1, 2, 3, and 4 additional free spins featuring 1, 2, 3, and 4 more wild transformations respectively.

Bonus round in Arthurs Fortune Slot on Bob Casino

Merlin’s Bonus

A bonus symbol can also appear on the 5th reel on a random spin in the base game or bonus round. If it does, an old sorcerer reminiscent of Gaius from the acclaimed Arthurian series Merlin pops up to reward you with 500 coins, 7-14 free rounds, or 1-3 wild transformations. The rewards are even better in the free spins and can either be 1000 coins or 1-14 additional free spins.

Our Verdict

Just like a Knight of the Round Table, Arthur’s Fortune is an honorable release. Yggdrasil has used tested-and-tried features to forge something new worthy of every punter’s attention. It gives off a nice vibe and the whole package is tied up with a life-changing potential which is only reserved for the brave who can withstand the harshness of high-volatility slots’ gameplay.

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