How to Find Rules in Online Casino Games

In this short guide, you will learn how to quickly find the rules of any game in our casino, regardless of its type. Whether it's online slots, table games, or even game shows, you can swiftly navigate and learn the game rules using this guide.

Game Rules for Individual Slots

Quite often, game providers display the rules during the first seconds of starting the pokie. For example, the “24 Hour Grand Prix” slot machine works this way. A brief explanation of the rules becomes available immediately after the loading screen.

24 Hour Grand Prix slot title screen with game rules

As you can see, the basic video slots rules can be found immediately after opening the game. By clicking on the arrows, you can turn the pages for the more rules to show up. For a more detailed description of the video slot machine, click on the Help icon at the left bottom of the screen.

24 Hour Grand Prix slot help section

After clicking, the main rules window will appear, in which you can find out all the details of the slot machine: maximum bets, requirements for winning, bonus rounds, and wild symbols features.

24 Hour Grand Prix slot rules

Similarly, you can discover the rules in every game presented in our casino. Just look for the Rules and Help icons or the question mark signs to learn how to play video slots.

To summarize, the rules of slot machines are so easy that no detailed tutorial is needed: you place a bet, spin the reels, and hope for a winning combination and lined symbols. Various providers add unique features to their games, which is why every slot can be so different from the other!

Rules for Table / Card Games

On Bob Casino, you can play a huge number of card and table games. Such classics as Roulette, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat are readily available. All of the card / table games you can find in the Live section of the casino. As an example, we’ll go to the Blackjack section and select any game. Let it be this one.

Live Blackjack game lobby on Bob Casino

Having opened the game, we immediately see a real croupier that deals cards on the table. But let’s not be distracted by him. Just click on the little question mark. Wait one moment and we have the online blackjack rules. As we can notice, the main objective of the game is to get a higher score than the croupier. But here is a hitch - you can’t go over 21 points. Rules also describe other aspects of the game: what amount of points face cards provide, what combinations are available, how cards are dealt, and other things.

Okay, we've dealt with Blackjack. But what about other games? After all, there are a lot of them in the Live dealer games section.
Roughly the same navigation can be expected in almost every game presented. Let's go to the Roulette section and choose another random game.

live online blackjack rules
online roulette in Bob Casino live dealer category

All right, we’ve opened the game. In the upper-right part of the screen, there are basic settings of the resolution, volume, and some other things. There is also a question mark that reveals online roulette rules.

They are described briefly and easily. The goal of the game is to guess a single number, a row, a color, or a column of numbers. Having put the amount of money on some number, you wait until the ball thrown by the croupier stops.

evolution roulette game rules section
online roulette rules

As you can see, the rules describe everything you need to play comfortably: the types of bets, winning numbers, names of special bets, free spins, and much more. Navigation is extremely simple and does not take much time.

Rules for Game Shows

Game shows are one of the most entertaining and exciting Bob Casino sections! There are as many as eight original shows to choose from, with winnings beyond your highest expectations! But what about the rules? Is it difficult to understand how everything works here? Not really. In fact, it's extremely simple and almost does not differ from the rules for slot players. First, let's pick any game at random.

Lightning roulette in Bob Casino game lobby

Let it be the Lightning Roulette. When we open the game, a short explanation immediately appears before our eyes. Now we understand how it works: you need to guess the numbers and if lightning hits them, then the bet will increase 50-500 times. If the lightning bypasses the winning bet, it will increase 30 times.

Lightning live roulette table layout

We can see more detailed rules in the same place - the upper right corner. Here, we not only notice the main rules, but also neighbor bets, bonus features, special numbers, and bet types.

live roulette rules

That’s all! We sincerely hope that this guide will help you get an amazing game experience and make it easier for you to enjoy your time on Bob Casino!

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