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Pachinko Review (Quickfire)

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Pachinko Review

Pachinko, a part arcade, part chance, and part noise game, is the biggest gaming obsession in Japan. It is played by an estimated one in every ten people, contributing not less than two hundred billion dollars to gross national revenue each year. You might want to ask: Is gambling not prohibited in Japan? Well, yeah, but the game in question has a way of getting around it.  Let us see how.

Instead of cash, the player receives a coupon equal to the value of winnings (if any). That coupon is redeemable elsewhere, often a separate building, thus circumnavigating the no gambling for a monetary gain rule.

Now that you know the ins and out of Pachinko, let us get back to the quieter and more straightforward iGaming universe, where Microgaming partner, Neko Games, has created a new bingo game named after Pachinko. If Pachinko can turn out to be as exciting as what inspired it, then bingo fans are in for a treat!

Play Pachinko For Free- Mobile & PC

Kon’nichiwa everyone! Time to Pachinko! Play Pachinko for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:


Game Features

  • Return to Player Percentage: 95.82%
  • Ball Cost: Mid-Low
  • Level: Recreational
  • Free Balls
  • Wild Balls
  • Bonus
  • Jackpot
  • All Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, Desktops, etc.
  • All Browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Explorer, Edge, etc.
  • Tech: HTML5

Game Features

Contrary to what it is named after, Pachinko cannot brag a dizzying array of colors. Neither is it too noisy.

Like a typical bingo game, Pachinko opens up to a scene that might be too boring for some. There are four tickets, backdropped by a tranquil Japanese-style temple, where a Maneki-Neko is perched, perhaps to bring good luck to the player.

Straight into the gameplay, the first thing you have to do is select the number of tickets you want to use. The next thing you have to take care of is your bet per ticket, which can be as big as 40 Coins.

Second, observe the fifteen numbers displayed on the cards. Please note that you can always request new ones by hitting the new cards button. Third, click the play button to reveal the draw for the first 30 balls that have numbers on them. The goal is to have as many as possible match those on the cards. Matching numbers are highlighted on the active cards to form a pattern. The paytable prescribes the prizes corresponding to given patterns. Form any of these patterns to unlock the corresponding payout. Fourth and finally, you are allowed to purchase extra balls at the end of a close round.


Hit the bingo by matching all the numbers in a given card with those drawn. Like in virtually all bingo games, the bingo prize per card does not exceed 2000x.

Hit the Jackpot!

Activated whenever you hit bingo on a ticket, the jackpot feature awards an impressive 5000x! Important to note, the jackpot feature can only be activated when all four cards are in play. Also, the jackpot feature can only trigger when all four cards are in-play.

Win in Pachinko

Mini-Games & Other Extras

Like the original Pachinko game, the bingo game gives the player a chance to trigger an array of mini-games reminiscent of arcade machines. One such game is the bonus, which is triggered by the bonus pattern on the paytable. Here, the player can progress through five levels, where instant cash prizes trigger upon moving past each. Prizes in the bonus game can be up to 400x bet.

Other extras in the game worth mentioning include the wild balls and free balls. While the latter is self-explanatory, the other refers to those that can take any position to help complete a winning combination.

Pachinko- Our Verdict

Pachinko, the third video bingo game from Argentina-based Neko Games, shows just how this young developer is willing to diversify virtual bingo. While Super Snowball and Fu 88 were games intended for experienced and intermediate video bingo gamers, Pachinko is a game created for the recreational ones. That is not to mention that each game comes with a different paytable and features as well. What more could we ask for, to be honest?

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