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Cash Noire Slot Review (NetEnt)

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Cash Noire slot review on Bob Casino

For the film noir (dark film) buffs comes the Cash Noire slot by NetEnt. As we have come to expect from this developer, they do this acclaimed genre justice with a plot that is quite reminiscent of the hard-boiled Maltese Falcon, John Houston’s directorial debut in 1941 which was inspired by the 1930 novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammet. That is not to mention how the graphic designers used light and shadow to create a shady, ominous underworld that is so brilliantly illuminated by a Femme Fatale, as the player joins a badass private detective in trying to solve a homicide. Just brilliant, we got to say, but how about the slot’s gameplay and the math model?

Play the Cash Noire Slot For Free- Mobile & PC

Every win brings you closer to solving a mysterious murder case! Play Cash Noire for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • Return To Player Percentage: 96.06%
  • Staking Range: €2-100
  • Low Volatility
  • Symbol Transformations
  • 1024 Ways Slot
  • Avalanche Mechanic
  • Bonus Round
  • Devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Smartphone

Math Model, Basic Rules, & the Paytable

Cash Noire is a low-risk slot that will appeal most to the risk-avert punter; the reason being, its low-volatility, which is aided by an above-average return to player percentage of 96.06%. The official hit rate was nowhere to be found at the time of writing, but judging by the responsiveness of the slot both in terms of the wins and the boosting extras during our test run, it is above average as well.

As is the ush, setting your preferred bet per spin is the first port of call here where an all-encompassing €0.2-200 bet range is made available by the ˄ and ˅ selectors on the controls tab. After getting that out of your way, you can go ahead and set the reels in motion with the spin button or the auto-spins setting. Also important to mention, you can switch between fast and normal gameplay using the single-click » button.

Moving on to the paytable, we came expecting puny values as is typical of low volatility slots. That was confirmed when we came across a bunch of low-pays such as a detective’s magnifying glass, a sock knife, and a pistol that could only rack up 0.30X at their best. A little bit better were the game’s villain and protagonists high-pays with payouts of up to 4X.

Avalanche Mechanic Enhanced by a 1024 Ways Format!

Not many low volatility slots out there are capable of yielding payouts as big as those of high volatility slots. Fortunately, Cash Noire can be added to that tally all thanks to an avalanche mechanic that collaborates with a 1024 ways format to amplify the small wins as they come.

Triggering wins with this format is beyond easy as you will only be required to line up three or more of-a-kind adjacently regardless of the position. And that is not the only advantage because the payouts will be way bigger compared to those of a typical slot that utilizes 1-100 paylines. Think of it as when a win is triggered on multiple paylines.

Avalanches, on the other hand, are triggered whenever there is a winning combination. The triggering symbols will disappear to allow others to gravitate from the top, possibly leading to another win on that same round.

Focus on the Crime Zone

You will notice a highlighted section of the grid at the start of every round. It is called the crime zone.

Now, every symbol involved in the win will feed the 11-entry clue meter on the left side of the grid. The meter resets at the start of each round, which means that the only way to fill it will be through successive avalanches.

There are a few things to note here. One, the crime zone remains stationary during the avalanches. And second, there is a chance to expand the crime zone by getting to the 3rd & 7th avalanche.

Watch out for the Mystery Symbol!

The mystery symbol marked “?” can help turn things around on a non-winning round by transforming into a random payer. Lucky for you if it decides to show up inside the Crime Zone as it will replicate itself on all the spots, after which it will transform into a random payer.

Bonus Round

Eleven successful avalanches will fill the clues meter, which will, in turn, guarantee six rounds on the house. During the free spins, the crime zone remains fully maxed out at five spots. Furthermore, the City Chase Map replaces the clue meter, where the number of symbols involved in the wins determines whether you will get to goodies such as additional free spins as well as booster multipliers of up to 10X.

Bonus round in Cash Noire slot on Bob casino

Final Word

Cash Noire’s greatest strength lies in its safe low-volatility model, which does not necessarily mean that big wins are not a possibility. NetEnt might have banked big on the visual production expecting to appeal mostly to those drawn to the tackled genre, but due to this, the slot will penetrate an even larger audience.

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