Why does Bob charge commission for deposits?

Bob Casino indeed has a 2.5% commission for deposits. But let's take a moment and see how this is totally beneficial for you!
It's not that Bob is this greedy sneaky fellow looking to line his pockets at your expense. Here's the thing: all your deposits and withdrawals are processed through a number of super cool payment systems that charge even more per each transaction.
As a result of all that overwhelming coolness you can always count on top-notch service and instant withdrawals. But your good old bro Bob has to cough up a lot of extra money; and that money could be put to much better use!
The 2.5% fee was introduced to help Bob save some money on the payment processing services in order to give you bonuses, promos with shit-hot prizes and extra special offers. In other words, all commission from deposits is spent on keeping Bob's dearest bros entertained - and that would be you, the players.
2.5% is not that much, but even commission this low allows Bob to get generous prize funds for eye popping events and tournaments. You are helping your bro out, and Bob guarantees everyone's equal chances of returning the commission manifold by winning prizes!

First deposit bonus
100% up to 125 NZD
+100 free spins

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