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Yucatan’s Mystery Slot Review (Red Tiger)

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Yucatan’s Mystery Slot Review on Bob Casino

Yucatan’s Mystery joins the slots based on the incredibly ornate ruins and artifacts left behind by the early occupants of the Yucatan state. It’s one of the less inspiring works from the developer appearance-wise, which means that we will have to look past the laid back styling and simplistic 20-line setup for a fair assessment. Let’s get straight to it!

Play Yucatan’s Mystery For Free — Mobile & PC

Another one for the history buffs from Red Tiger! Play Yucatan’s Mystery for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • Return to Player: 95.75%
  • Volatility: High
  • Bet Range: €0.2-20
  • Mystery Coins
  • Bonus Round
  • All Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
  • All Browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, Edge, Opera, etc.

Slot Overview, Math Model, & Paytable

Yucatan’s Mystery gives off Red Tiger vibes right from how it loads to its color palette and UI arrangement. The playing area looks like it is part of a below ground cenote reinforced by pillars and walls resembling those of the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, without the wow factor, sadly. Click the expand button at the top of the grid, and maybe everything will look better on full-screen mode.

Straight to the gameplay, players can get their Yucatan tour going by setting bets ranging from 0.2 to 20 units of the primary currency. That bet range might be disappointing to the high-rollers, but that’s often an indication of a high-performance slot. Anyway, proceed with caution as all the volatility bars on the meter are full, not to mention that Red Tiger’s below-average RTP trend continues here with a 95.75% default rating.

On to the paytable, players find card icons and high-pay indigenous symbols. The latter is where their attention should be, with the stone carving, head sculpture, mask, and princess racking up rewards of up to 3.5, 4, 5.5, and 25X respectively. And since there aren’t any multiplier features here, the best-case scenario would be to have the premiums to occupy the entire grid to rack up an instant 750X on the spot. Another way to put it, the 4000X+ wins advertised by the developer remain on paper.

The Mystery Coins

The mystery coins are there to help you land as many of a kind as possible. And they are called mystery coins since they can land on any base game spin to reveal the same regular payer. We bet you have seen this in a couple of slots.

Bonus Round

The pyramid scatter is a nod to the Yucatan pyramids of the Mayan era, which every tourist looks forward to visiting. Land three of these to activate 10 rounds on the house, during which a super-sized 2X2 mystery coin is retained on-screen.

Bonus Round in Yucatan’s Mystery Slot

Once the session begins, any mystery coin landing adjacent to their giant counterpart activates it to spawn 4 more of its kind. And that is not all because scatters can show up to award additional free spins while increasing the size of the supersized coin to a max of 5X4.

Yucatan’s Mystery — Our Verdict

Yucatan’s Mystery continues Red Tiger’s trend of releasing slots that feel more or less like fillers. And that’s not hard to see since very little work went into the win boosting features & modifiers, which explains the weak calculated potential. On the positive side, some might end up liking Yucatan’s Mystery because of one, the 5/5 hit rate, which really helps things to tick along nicely, especially during the base game. And two, the simplicity of the gameplay. 

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