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Vampire Senpai Slot Review (Quickspin)

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Vampire Senpai Slot Review on Bob Casino

Quickspin drafts a narrative about the Jiangshi, one of the most obscure examples of the fantasy and mythology undead, to bring you a slot titled Vampire Senpai. You might be wondering, “Why the word vampire in the title then?” Well, it actually makes sense because Jiangshi are often likened to vampires in the western world, though they prefer absorbing a person’s qi (life force) instead of pouncing on their necks to feed on their blood. Other differences are that they are traditionally the result of a cadaver being magically controlled by a Taoist priest with a paper talisman attached to the forehead and their rigor mortis-imposed comedic hopping, usually with their arms outstretched.

Back to the slot, players will feel like they have taken over Senpai as his symbols hop all over the grid to transform medium symbols into his kind whenever there is contact. This could lead to a full grid of Jiangshi for some decent rewards.

Play Vampire Senpai For Free- Mobile & PC

Experience how controlling a Jiangshi feels like! Play Vampire Senpai for real money here or enjoy a free demo below:

Slot Features

  • Return to Player: 96.19%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Paylines: 40
  • Bet Range: €/$/£ 1-50
  • Symbol Transformations
  • Scatters
  • Wild Transformations
  • Bonus Round
  • Platforms: iPhone OS, Android, Windows

First Impression, Basic Rules, Math Model, Paytable

Vampire Senpai loads up to a 5X5 layout, just like we saw in the previously-released Nero’s Fortune. This is always the perfect setting for the tumbling reels mechanic, but for whatever reason, Quickspin chose not to utilize it here. As for the backdrop, the grid is erected on a lit pagoda-like structure with hanging lanterns that give off a somehow off-putting pinkish light. Use the UI at the bottom of the grid to select the ideal bet right before kickstarting the session with the available options.

With every spin, the player lands 5 symbols on each reel. Payouts are only triggered when three to five of a kind are lined up on any one of the 40 utilized paylines. The win rate will depend more on the math model stats, starting with a friendly Default Return to Player rating of 96.19%, followed by a divisive medium variance, which caters more to the needs of the casual players.

On to the paytable, we find a trio of mediums representing the mid-pays while royal card icons act as the low-pays. While all the mid-pays rack up similar rewards, the low-pays are split into pairs, with A & K and Q & J flaunting identical payout values.

Wilds and Symbol Transformations

Quickspin goes big on wilds here with 2 wild features. First is the Talisman Mystery Wilds feature where three to nine paper talisman symbols land on the grid on a random spin. The second feature, on the other hand, is all thanks to Senpai’s wild symbol, which transforms any adjacent medium symbol into its Jiangshi version, which is also wild. The good thing with wilds is that besides substituting for all the regular payers to complete a winning combination, they are premium payers in the game with rewards of up 20X in the base game and 40X in the free spins.

Bonus Round

A suggested source of the Jiangshi myths was the practice of transporting cadavers, where a Taoist priest would reanimate the deceased and have them find their way to their burial place. Traveling only by night, the corpses would have bells on them to notify the living of their presence because it was believed that setting eyes on a Jiangshi could bring bad luck. That’s why it makes total sense to see a bell acting as the scatter symbol, which awards seven, nine, and twelve free spins for three, four, and five appearances on the grid.

Bonus Round in Vampire Senpai Slot

The chances of landing big wins are way higher here because all paper talisman symbols, as well as Senpai wild symbols, will turn sticky upon landing as they award additional free spins. Even more thrilling, five-of-a-kind combinations involving any type of wild will pay two times more (40X)!

Vampire Senpai- Our Verdict

With the highest reward on one line being 40X, the best Vampire Senpai can do on a single round is 1600X (40X on 40 Paylines). The 8800X flaunted by the developers is yet another case of wild aggrandizement, and a caution for you to avoid any slot reviewers that took that up. A potential of 1600X is, however, still decent, especially when you factor in the medium volatility setting, which means that bagging the best of what this slot has to offer won’t be as tiresome as hopping up and down like a Jiangshi.

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