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Midsommarfest Special: Top 5 Twitch Casino Streamers from Sweden

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Top 5 Twitch Casino Streamers from Sweden

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Sweden has always been one of the most fertile countries when it comes to producing world-class talent.

The Nordic nation gave us such talented movie stars as Ingrid Bergman, Rebecca Ferguson, Dolph Lundgren, and Bill Skarsgard. Such amazing musicians as Avicii, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Fredrik Åkesson. And such fantastic writers as Stieg Larsson, Astrid Lindgren, and Henning Mankell.

And if you’re interested in Twitch gambling, then you know that Sweden has produced some of the most popular online casino streamers in the world. Swedish casino influencers constantly rank at the top of the English viewership charts, despite the language not being their mother tongue.

To pay tribute to this great nation and celebrate Midsommarfest, we’ll count down the top 6 biggest gambling streamers from Sweden.

So hop in your Volvo station wagon and get ready for a herring-fueled extravaganza full of Ikea furniture, blue-eyed blondes, and stora vinster.

#5 LetsGiveItASpin

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The first entry on our list is Kim Hultman, better known as LetsGiveItASpin.

Born in the small town of Smålandsstenar in central Sweden, Kim Hultman is a former professional poker player who started his slot channel back in November 2015.

This makes him one of the veterans of Twitch gambling streaming.

Kim’s channel took a very long time to get rolling, but now it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

As of today, LetsGiveItASpin has almost 80,000 YouTube subscribers and 57,300 Twitch followers. His YouTube videos have amassed a stunning 43,000,000 total views.

As of right now, the LetsGiveItASpin YouTube channel is updated with new content between four and five times a week.

Want to find out more about Kim Hultman? Read this article to find out more about LetsGiveItASpin.

#4 VonDice

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A post shared by Andrew VonDice (@vondicetv)

Known for his signature black baseball hat and sunglasses, Andrew VonDice started streaming in early 2021 and became an instant superstar thanks to the help of Roshtein and DeuceAce. 

After making a fortune in cryptocurrency trading, VonDice moved to Malta to enjoy the remainder of his life in luxury.

There, Andrew started being a regular guest on Roshtein’s and DeuceAce’s Twitch slots accounts, before finally making a video slots streaming channel of his own. 

Currently, VonDice streams slots almost every day. Thanks to his friendship with Twitch casino slots streaming royalty, his channel continues to grow at an incredible rate.

#3 DeuceAce

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Taking bronze in our countdown is the one and only Jay, better known as DeuceAce. Despite his channel having just turned one year old, Jay already has an incredible 153,000 Twitch followers. 

While some of this success can be attributed to his friendship with Roshtein, it would be unfair to underestimate the amount of talent DeuceAce brings to the table.

Born in Poland and raised in Sweden, Jay DeuceAce is a methodical, smooth streamer who made his fortune in finance before moving to Malta.

Once there, he not only built his own successful brand, but also helped kick start the career of VonDice.

#2 CasinoDaddy

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A post shared by CasinoDaddy (@casinodaddy)

Taking second place in our top 5 list of Swedish streamers are the tre bröder, Erik, Karl Anton, and Mathias Joelsson, known collectively as CasinoDaddy. 

The CasinoDaddy channel has been a staple of the Twitch casino section for many years now.

The three brothers live in Kristianstad, Skåne county. Kristianstad is a small town of about 40,000 residents that is located at the very south of Sweden.

On top of running CasinoDaddy, the trio also owns Joelsson Media Holding AB. The company runs the and websites. Mathias is also listed as the current CEO of Webbjätten AB, an IT company that helps small to medium-sized businesses create and manage websites.

CasinoDaddy (Ranked #3 Last Year)

Speaking of Mathias Joelsson, he is the undisputed leader of the group. Fluent in five languages, he worked as a key account manager at Speedcom Sverige before turning his sights on casino streaming.

CasinoDaddy streams for 14 hours every day and posts new content to their YouTube channel two to three times per day. If you hate it when casino streamers fake their personalities, then you’ll want to check out CasinoDaddy. It’s downright impossible to fake a persona for so many hours in a row. So they don’t do it.

If you want to find out more about the tre bröder, we have a full CasinoDaddy bio article for you to read.

#1 Roshtein

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A post shared by ROSHTEIN (@roshtein)

Most casino stream viewers have a love-hate relationship with Ismael Swartz, better known as Roshtein. On the one hand, his popularity and contribution to the industry cannot be overstated.

On the other hand, he’s so prominent that many people are starting to get Roshtein fatigue. Search for slots on Twitch and you’ll invariably find Roshtein and his buddies. That on top of him often being mentioned in lists of fake twitch casino streamers have given Roshtein a less than perfect reputation in the streaming community (later debunked in this article).

Twitch statistics and average income of Roshtein casino streamer.

According to IgFace, Roshtein makes about $197,000 per Twitch video, feeding into his impressive net worth.

Love him or hate him, chances are you have an opinion of Roshtein. And that’s more than enough for him. As is taking the number one spot in this top 5.

Unlike most old-guard casino Twitch streamers, Roshtein has had an amazing 2021 in terms of channel growth.  Ismael almost doubled his Twitch follower count since last year, with that number currently sitting just a little bit shy of 600,000.

On top of that, and helping launch the careers of both VonDice and DeuceAce, Roshtein also became the first person in casino Twitch streaming history to win a million euro jackpot. That happened in April and the game in question was Book of Shadows.


And then he did it again.

Just two months later.

In the same game.

If you would like to find our more about Ishmael Swartz, read our official Roshtein bio article.

Do you agree with our list? Which svenska casino streamers have we missed? Who we shouldn’t have been included in the list? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @BobCasinoNews1

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