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Top 5 Gambling and Casino Reddit Communities (August 2020 List)

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Best gambling and casino communities on reddit

Reddit is quite simply amazing. It’s a place where you can discover tons of information about virtually anything in the world and connect with people who share your passions and hobbies. If you’re a gambler, then joining an online gambling reddit can help you find tons of helpful tips, strategies, guides, and tricks. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about the top casino reddit pages out there!


Poker is the most popular competitive card game in the world. It is played by people all over the world and millions of viewers tune in to watch professional tournaments. 

With close to 150,000 members, r/poker is the biggest casino reddit on the planet. It is the place to be for all fans of all things poker. The popular subreddit features strategy guides, discussions, player stories, interviews with pros, discussions of training software, and all the poker-related memes you can dream of. If you dream of becoming a pro, then joining this subreddit is a must. If you’re just a hobbyist, it’s still highly recommended.

In general, the subreddit is well-moderated and its users are, for the most part, quite respectful to one another.

r/poker or Reddit Poker subreddit - the most popular gambling subreddit


With close to 32,000 members, r/gambling is the premier offline and online gambling reddit. Members share interesting experiences, stories, pictures of their winnings, strategies, as well as gambling memes. Most of the threads focus on slots, but you can also find plenty of roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat threads. The subreddit is well moderated and users engaging in any kind of spam are banned immediately. The community advocates for responsible gambling and urges those exhibiting problem gambling behaviors to seek professional help.

r/Gambling community on Reddit

All in all, r/gambling is a great place for anyone interested in the hobby. However, those interested in online gambling exclusively would perhaps be better off joining the less popular r/onlinegambling instead.


Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular eSports disciplines out there. Major championships, such as Intel Extreme Masters, EST, ELEAGUE, and DreamHack, regularly attract millions of stream viewers. And many of these viewers are placing bets on the matches to make the games a little bit more interesting to watch.

As of today, r/csgobetting has 56,000 members. The bulk of the subreddit’s activity takes place in the Daily Bet threads. In them, redditors discuss the day’s matches, their bets, predictions, et cetera. If you’re new to CS:GO betting, then you’ll want to check out the Newbie Saturday threads. In these, new members of the subreddit are encouraged to ask questions about betting sites, team strengths, wagering strategies, and other CS:GO betting related topics. The subreddit also allows users to discuss buying, trading, selling, and gambling rare skins.

CS:GO Betting - a gambling community on Reddit 


Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports titles out there. Millions of people play the game every day. Major tournaments attract viewership numbers that can rival major traditional sports leagues. The official Dota 2 subreddit is about twice as large as that of CS:GO. The difference in the size of the player base is even bigger.

That being said, r/Dota2Betting is a lot smaller than its CS:GO counterpart. With just under 4,000 members, this subreddit is nowhere near as developed as its bigger brother, but it is still a valuable resource for people wanting to gamble Dota 2 skins and bet on the outcomes of professional tournaments.

Dota 2 Betting community on Reddit


While it may not boast a thriving pro scene like poker, blackjack is without a doubt one of the most played and loved card games in the world. The game takes seconds to learn but can take decades to master. In order to become great at the game, one needs to know basic strategy, betting systems, and card counting.

The most popular blackjack subreddit, r/blackjack, currently has 15,400 members. Its user base is very active and many interesting threads pop up every day. Redditors ask each other questions, share playing strategies, discuss popular casinos, et cetera.

Blackjack community on Reddit

In general, the community is helpful and quite friendly. We highly recommend joining this reddit community if you have even a passing interest in blackjack.


The following two subreddits did not make the cut for this list, but our editors felt that it was important to include them as well.

Problem Gambling

Gaming can be a fun, engaging, and relaxing hobby. That being said, an excessive amount of anything is inevitably bad. 

At Bob Casino, we strongly advocate for responsible gambling and encourage all players who exhibit problem gambling behavior to seek immediate help. One good resource for information on where and how to get help is the problem gambling reddit (r/problemgambling).

GTA V Casino Reddit

One of the more novel ways of engaging in online gambling is in the casino section of Grand Theft Auto V Online. If you have never tried the game’s casino mode, we highly recommend you do. While players looking for a GTA Online casino Reddit to discuss gambling in the popular game do not have access to a special subreddit, countless threads on the theme can be found on r/gtaonline.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss one of your favorite gambling subreddits? Share your thoughts by tweeting at us at @BobCasinoNews1.

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