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Third Base

In the context of blackjack, the term third base refers to the leftmost position at the table. As players are dealt cards clockwise, the player sitting at third base receives their cards last. Due to this fact, this position is commonly favored by gamblers who are counting cards

The term takes its name from an analogy with baseball.

What Is a Base in Blackjack?

In casino games, a player’s base refers to their position at the betting table.  All in all, there are three bases: first, second, and third. The player sitting on the rightmost seat is said to be sitting on first base. Second base refers to the seat in the middle of the table. Lastly, the player occupying the leftmost position is said to be sitting on third base.


  • A player’s sitting position in relation to the dealer.

Should You Sit on First Base or on Third Base?

There’s widespread debate in the blackjack community on this question. Many gamblers who are counting cards swear by third base. Many other players say they prefer first base since they dislike waiting for their turn. Most gambling experts recommend that you sit at whatever position you feel most comfortable at.

Third base:

  • The leftmost position at the blackjack table.

Third Base position in poker card game

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